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    ANGUISH - LOST IN SIDE-Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Anguish - Lost Inside

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia


    Life is funny, we spend our whole lives building this person we think we know so well.  Ourselves, then all of a sudden in a single instance it crumbles as we watch after a brain injury.  Our friends and family hardly know us little alone have any desire to be around us shortly after.  These experiences happen so quick in what seems to be a blink of an eye.  We have no one in our lives, life seems to lose meaning.  Soon we isolate and lose more of our ability to socialize in a typical world.  Soon we ponder in being who we used to be and even give every ounce of energy and effort trying to be that person we remember.


    Even though none of this perfect life we thought we had no longer exists, we find yourself alone, isolated inside of this vessel our body is no longer recognized by ourselves.  And many may spend the rest of their lives in this state.  How do we change this, how do we embrace and learn to live a life that we truly can love.  One that we have not imagined yet.  Join in tonight as we explore this...

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    Legal Pot Facts and myths- Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Special Report on Legal pot in Washington mixed with our memorial day remembering who we are now, we have 6 shots some real funny some pro pot some no pot what ever you think its legal in my state.  I went and checked out one of the stores today, I invited them on the show and I will share my experience and you can share yours too call in tonight.  You will love the reporting on this subject.


    New Beginnings Life after Brain Injury

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    In rememberence of ourselves we shall talk about the following remembering we are incredable

    After a brain injury life is hard, we no longer can trust our tools in dealing with relationships and the longer time goes on the harder it gets, we are social creatures and we will explore relationships and the difficulty with many aspects of interpersonal skills, trust and willingness to bend, but these things we must overcome these harder than life behaviors as a new person, building the new us.

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    Numbered Day's - Destiny or Delusion Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Numbered Day's - Destiny or Delusion

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia


    This show airs just 51 weeks after empowering emerging leaders in truly leading.  Almost too where some felt abandoned left to drown.  Many not understanding how I would dare let others just have it.  You see it was never mine, it has always been for whoever needs it.  I can remember my first show, how I to, was just searching and not even knowing what it was I was searching for.  I have been planning this show for almost two years.  Knowing the time was coming.  And if this vision is destiny or just my dark deeded delusion.  I guess time will tell.  From the deepest depths of my heart i know this is what I am, was and will do to the end.

    I knew about a year and a half ago my own music was killing me, whether it was the physical sounds and lights or just the significance of it's meaning to me.  Juggling everything putting its focal point on building a real community, with leaders that will survivor this jungle of life.  Though my children paid a huge price as my time got consumed many times.  I know they will be proud.  People may think I’m nutsy, and their probably more right than wrong.  Tonight part one of a three part series of one man’s journey, in his attempt in creating a support system that will last through the times of sand, bringing hope to those who need it.  Am I delusional, maybe! The sense of dying knowing the time is coming, thinking I am some kind of fortune teller, I sit here and ask myself the same thing, I say to myself, really I think I see my future, or am i just delusional

    My Universe, God, Creator or whoever it is has put my destiny in my head from the beginning, and the peace people see in me is the peace that I have done my best, and believe he is saying "I Am Pleased"

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    STEPS OF ISOLATION - With Craig Sicilia and special co-host Cheryl Green

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    WITH: Craig Sicilia and Special Co-host Cheryl Green

    Thanksgiving not only is the beginning to Black Friday but the beginning for many to a dark, harsh hell.  So much pain and regret for many as well as disappointment of epic proportions.  So much so that many find it hard to trust and reach out to others little alone accept anything from any one.

    As televisions blasts shows about family and friendship and the good old days, this brings so many reminders of losses not only in our friends and family but our own personal communities.  And this is just one of many emotions going through someone’s head who has survived a brain injury.  Then you add the fact of those organizations who profit and say they serve us really don’t want much to do with us unless it makes them look good or profit they bottom line or on some spreadsheet representing data so they can make more money off our pain and injury

    Then adding in that 80% plus of those living with a brain injury are brought into poverty and kept there, and as their children hope for great gifts (as seen on tv) this emotional toll puts the weight of the world on their shoulders and weighs their heart down to a deep dark place.  The miracle is that any of us that go through this is we make it through, but at what cost.

    We must step out, reach out and find out, a life that has purpose and sustaining purpose for it is truly that purpose that gets each of us through this time.

    Join us with your ways of dealing with this, the struggles, the successes the story..

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    ISOLATION - Lost inside myself - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    Lost Inside Myself: I know I am not the only one who feels like they’re in a bubble.  The bubble of life I can see out of my bubble but i am imprisoned inside of it.  Sentenced to watch life happen but  cannot touch it, only watch it pass us by. 

    As well no one can get inside our bubble.  Maybe we are all waiting for a bubble master, someone who can get inside the bubble with us and maybe together we can break a hole in this bubble that has become a prison that keeps us from being an active participant in our own life’s. 

    Unlike Houdini we are stuck and as the years and decades go by the walls to the bubble get thicker and harder to break free from.  Till we become institutionalized to our bubble, which is where our bubble is becomes the only home we know or can remember.  We fight to stay inside our bubble.


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    Stressed Out - With Craig Sicilia and special guest co-host Cheryl Green

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    STRESSED OUT - with Craig Sicilia and special co-host Cheryl Green

    Life is full of stress, with the normal hustle and bustle of things, then you add the holidays to it which magnifies it, then a brain injury on top of it, I know sometimes I just want to bury my head in the ground like an Ostrich and hope the world just passes me by, which I have it only adds more stress.  And letting the world pass you by actually only adds more stress and isolation.  What do or can we do.

    Tonight we are going to talk about strategies and methods that some self-advocates living with brain injury have and are using to deal with the deadly stress and the holiday blues than many live through year after year. 

    We will talk about passions and consuming our time with positive constructive things that make all the difference in many lives of survivors around the world.  There is good stress and bad stress both can overwhelm us in a flash, so it is important to manage both.  Finding that balance that each of us can live a happy productive fulfilling life.  A life quite possibly more fulfilling than the life we had before our brain injuries.

    With a special segments with the amazing Cheryl Green and T-Dog and as well a new episode of Phone Zapp

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    To Empower or Enable with Craig Sicilia

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    Do you Empower or are you an Enabler

    Hosted by Craig Sicilia

    To Empower means letting go, teach the skill and step away, why bother teaching if you don't.  Grass roots involves many leaders working together for the same goal, to bring real change takes real leaders, not puppets, those who settle for what is given, and buy into what every the system tells us,  A grass roots movement is only for those who want to change this system.  Are you happy or do you want to be part of a better tomorrow for all of us.  Empower each other

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    Brain Injury Depths of Holiday - Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Holidays are a hard time for many survivors, alot of the survivors I have met have lost most of their relationships, careers, homes and any real connection to a community.  So the season being a time were people focus on memories of the past it can be a realy hard thing.  And not always is the the most recent that struggles the most.  What realy seems to be a difficult situation is not the loss but our hardened selfs that close the world out to ourselves.

    We create this cycle of hell, and the holidays seem to be the center of it all to many.  I like many just struggle to make it through this time of year.  We have to shed our losses, and it everyones fault ours included but the new us, the new me have to find a way to feel the glow of life beeming through our bodies.  We may have hard momments, days or weeks but keep trying to see the ray of hope, its all we have never lose faith.

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    No Way Out - hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Living with a brain injury has been interesting, harsh and unforgiving.  I have learned more about humanity in the last 7 years than I have all the rest of the years combined.  I had a hope that one day it would be behind me.  All the overwhelmed brain days, all of the headaches, all of the thoughts of self-worthlessness and doubt.  As we approach these days that get shorter each day, the weather getting wet and cooler.  Shorter days and longer nights add to our feeling down.  Holidays are reminders of days past, and people past.  I know for me it takes all my energy to get through them. 

    I try to paint the pretty face for my daughters and people who look to me for support.  It is so hard at times.  I just like everyone else want to crawl under a rock and isolate from the world.  Disappear into the darkness that my mind creates.  And create it does, a never ending race of thoughts that I cannot process because my brain is going faster than I can understand. And sometimes these thoughts get me in trouble, on the wrong path.

    The blessing side of this I have developed a life that accommodates my life, and these over stimulating conditions that can pound me into the group.  And I have had those moments where I thought I could leave it all behind and just blend into society.  Refuse for a short time to time respite from all that has crumbled in my life.  As I rebuild this new me, on I don’t even fully recognize.  I am learning I am trapped inside myself and for the seven years of my fight there has been NO WAY OUT.

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    oH! Shit its brain injury radio, live on location with Craig Sicilia

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    OH Shit

    Hosted by, Craig Sicilia

    Come take a walk on the beach on the pacific ocean, live from the BEST (Brain Energy Support Team) TBI Camp at Dashpoint on the pacific ocean.  I will gather some survivors who want to chat at camp and together with our listeners will take a walk on the beach.

    Finding our happy place is not easy, but we must try and what a better way than talking about the beautiful world around us, live on location from the pacific ocean see or hear you there

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    BROKEN ME? Hosted by Craig Sicilia

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    Broken Me

    He we go through life trying to make it day to day sometimes, and people look at us as broke, needing repair or superglue.  Because for us to succeed our lives look much differently to others many times,  and people have a hard time envissioning any struggles we might encounter.  And there are times where I buy into the percetion of others and feel less than, or incomplete even BROKEN but i am not broke, I am me, and am learning to accept this uninvited stranger that has become me.

    On the flip side on my more challenging days you got to love those well i couldn't tell by looking at ya that you have challenges (i just think to my self) no shit!!!  I use to start drulling and asking if that helps them vissualize my problems, not sure what they vissualized but it stopped that.

    Our biggest challenge is now having others embrace the new us, the new me, finding those relationships that make life worth living, finding that peace that only can come from the inside of each of us.  But as the old saying says how can we feel great hope and love if we never felt great pain and loss.  I tell you what folks judging by the pain and struggles I am instore for something incredable and am ready for it to.  Lets make our lifes something we love something we can live with and say this is good.

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