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We have merged A WORD FOR THE WORLD TODAY (our Bible Study programming) with our new, and revamped programming for those who have physical, mental, chronic, developmental and terminal challenges... those who many within mainstrean society discriminate against , ignore, disrepect and treat in the most cruel and inhumane manner. Some feel that if the person with the disability could just be fixed, through medicine or divine miracle, then they will be able to live a normal, all-inclusive life along-side the able-bodied people in the world. Once a week we will present a forum that will bring to light the real issues that challenge those within the disabilities. We will discuss whether the American For Disability Act of 1990, has been an effective tool for bridging the gap between the disabled and the so-called, "able-bodied"? Can laws change attitudes? Attitudes that have been inbred within the hearts of man, through science and religion, since the dawning of human history. Well our program that will deal with many of these questions. This boardcast will be entitled, People With Disabilities: Speak Out! These programs with be under the sponsorship of THE HIGHER STANDARD NETWORk,,, a network devoted to bringing out the best in humanity, by setting a higher standard of equality, morality, and devotion, first to God and then to the over 7 billion people who share this planet with us.

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Today our 30 minute discourse will be on the subject of judging others. The scriptural text will be taken from the Gospel according to St. Matthew found in chapter 7, verses 1-5. Judging others is a prevailing problem in human nature. It... more

This evening we are going to continue to take an indepth look at one the most controversial and insightful books of the New Testament, The Letter of James. As previously noted, James was the half brother of our Lord, Yahshua Ha... more

As we continue our study of the books of First and Second Corinthians, let's not forget the context of Paul's letters to them. There were allot of moral, ethical and even leadership issues that challenged the church's continued survival. This... more

For the next few weeks we will be studying from the epistle of James. James is believed to be the half brother of our Lord, Yahshua Ha Mashiach/Jesus the Christ (Mark 6:3; Acts 12:17; Acts 21:18). Like Yahshua, James was not... more

Tonight we will continue our study of the Church at Corinth.. A Church located in a very pagan and immoral city. This evening we are going to examine the letter of the Apostle Paul to the Corinthian church, in light of the information found in... more

As we conclude our study on the life-changing teachings of the Christ, we will be reading from His teachings from St. Matthew 25th. Tonight we will be learning the lessons of the TEN VIRGINS, THE PARABLE OF THE TALENTS, AND THE... more

As we continue our study on Paul's letters to the Church at Corinth, we will be examining the content of chapters 3 and 4 of 1st Corinthians. We will looking at rewards lost and rewards gained. Salvation may be free gift offered by God,... more

Tonight we are going to be continuing our study on the life-changing teachings of the Christ. This evening's lesson will come from the pages of the Gospel of St. Matthew Chapter 7. We will be discussing the following topics: FAITHFUL... more

Last week we discussed, at great length, the controversial issue of judging others. Tonight's topic will be just as thought-provoking and controversial. This evening we will be dealing with the questions of who Christ came to save and who was... more

Welcome to another broadcast from A Word For The World Today; sponsored by the Higher Standard Network. As we continue our study from the 2 books of Corinthians, our attention will be focused on Chapters 2, 3 and 4 of 1st... more