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Government is Not Corrupt! Politicians are Corrupt & For This Blame Voters

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Once upon a time the American dream was for whites only. Then after slavery was abolished and laws begin to be put in place where jobs for Negroes became reality, the American dream became all American. Well it appears that the American dream wasn't meant for all Americans, and by hook and crook, people in government with help of people operating corporations and ma an pa businesses, the American dream is too far from reality for far too many people. Corrupt politicians and corrupt CEOs joined forced in 1973 and created the American Legislative Exchange Council. This body of business owners and politicians wrote and passed laws that leaves groups of people out of luck when it comes to laws. This same group, ALEC are chipping away at laws for which battles have been fought and people have died. citizens have been brainwashed through media to believe the major troubles with America today is because of the president. The people blaming government are latching on to rhetoric and being repetitious without knowing facts, and frankly seemingly, without caring about facts.

The biggest problems facing Americans today are man made. The biggest reason these problems continue to exist is Americans will not register and vote. Every problem within our borders can be resolved with voters. Problems exist not because of government, but because of corrupt politicians. Austerity is a GOP practice. GOP Governors fire federal employees and tighten budgets causing layoffs across states. Congress blocks bills that are the difference between life and death: Veterans bills, medicaid expansion, jobs act bills, infrastructure, unemployment extension, universal background checks. GOP actually signed a contract with Grover Norquist pledging never to raise taxes on business. This corruption harms people and to end the corruption is to fire the GOP, November 2014. Take away CEO control of our lives and our money.