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America's axis of evil: ALEC, GOP & SCOTUS does not appreciate the presidency of PBO. PBO does not set well with them. Since 1-20-2009 GOP has said NO to every plan to put America back to work. American's should be an outraged voting block against the GOP. Why? GOP is in it for dough from the dough donors. GOP caused a recession which led America to the brink of a depression. Now ALEC, GOP, and SCOTUS blames PBO for every wrong America experiences today. America's in a mess and the mess belongs to the axis of evil, led by The Baby Bush. PBO's administration saved US from depression. Stock markets have surpassed 16,000, 1st time ever, private sector "is doing fine". Job seekers, are at 6.3. Political Junkies are fully aware GOP has deliberately not passed any laws to put the middle class back to work across America. The GOP is a hidden haven for Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Green party, Business Owners, CEO's, Clergy, Law Enforcement, Individuals of the 99% and the 1% who all have a "common corrupt interest". Greed! The love of money! This is the picture of the GOP NO Team according to BeeSays. We the masses are getting US back on track. We must occupy jobs, occupy ballot boxes, occupy our land of opportunity. Support OWS. OWS has improved the political landscape. Rich and poor alike loses when we sit complacent and do nothing. We now know the GOP had a closed door meeting 1-20-2009, the day PBO was sworn in. The meeting was to develop ways to discredit PBO's presidency. The plan was simple. Say "NO". No matter what PBO laid out as a plan for America, The GOP plan was to say NO. That's what Rush Limbaugh meant when he said, "I hope "He" fails. The failure is unemployment. The GOP comrades have refused to hire and the results is increased poverty, physical depression, split families. Where will it all end? At the door of the unemployed GOP! And that's the way i

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So my little host, your theory is impeachment is a democrat plot? Your desire is to create an audience. My message to you is to stop putting lies out into the universe. Because the GOP said it does not make it news. BeeSays, What's happening is now that election day 2014 is less than 60 days away, you are attempting to take some heat off GOP by muddying the waters regarding impeachment. Are you depending on the base of the GOP and the Dems to be too uninformed. GOP started the impeachment talk years ago? Or do you think the base of the GOP live a life of lies intentionally? You boldly lied and said the Democrats are the ones who plotted the talk about impeachment. You know my little host that the real plots are the ones created by the GOP, beginning 1-20-2009. Just say NO to President Obama. Are you angry that the plot to make PBO a one term president failed? The biggest plots is the GOP cooks up lies month after month to keep little host like you keeping viewers busy, while GOP steals their 200K yearly paychecks. GOP cooks up polls asking bogus questions and having host like you omit information to skew polls. Here's a bullentin. GOP is not just republicans. GOP is made up of republicans, democrats, libertarians, independents, brown party, green party, socialist. So my little host, you are paid for like a little...but take this to the bank. Your career will be short lived. The sponsors will throw you under the bus when they get through with you. My suggestion to you. Begin a second career to have for yourself after 2016. Then you may be able to have a stake in the new landscape of cable TV, because cable TV will be different. Online shows will be representative of the people of America. There will be more color and transparency. Truth won't be reported as lies and lies reported as truths. Cable TV / host are not too big to fail
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