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America's axis of evil> ALEC, GOP & SCOTUS. They serves corporations. SCOTUS ruled corporations are people. America is a nation of 315 million people. 1% of Americans are serving in our voluntary military. 45.3 Americans live in poverty! Many of these in poverty work and cannot lift themselves out of poverty. America is home to over 500 billionaires; 10 million millionaires; Tax payers pay yearly, 100 Senators; 435 congressional representatives; 50 governors; Countless Mayors and city council members; and 50 legislative bodies of hundreds and thousands of members. Americans are consumers to 25 million small businesses; 25 million corporations with 500plus employees, of which 10 % are foreign owned corporations. A healthy America has a workforce 160million people. Today in America 45.3 people live in poverty, and this includes people who are working and can't lift themselves out of poverty.

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Everyone loves America? Everyone loves America but President Obama? This has been the coldest February in half a century. With all the jobless people and with the coldest winter, where is the reports about jobless this cold February. Where are the story identifying the hardest hit based on states and class? Where are the stories on why winter come and found so many Americans jobless, or working and penniless, or in need of healthcare and have not visible means to get needed care? The stories foundations would have to target CEOs, Fortune 500 companies, ALEC, SCOTUS, GOP failure to pass bills, outsourcing US jobs, Importing and paying H1Bvisa workers over US workers. Media does not report news. Media pimps for Sponsors aka Business Owners represented by CEOs
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Media is an entity that has deteriorated and not progressed over time. Time was media would report events, while events were current. Today's media for the most part do little more than talk. Talk based on misrepresentations, lies, slurs and... more

America is failing because the people most capable of success are buying into media fearmongering. Media fearmongering is designed to keep people divided by race in America. Media fearmongering keeps people dependent on the... more

A new and better America is within each American. Not everyone wants or feel there is a need for a new and better America. We have already everything needed for a new and better America. Usually what we seek has missing elements... more

As a man thinketh he is. Constant negative talk of media and politicians spreads and negative talk turns into negative actions outside borders and at home. GOP headed by Boehner broadcast to the world their respect for leaders of other... more

Media fearmongering keeps working class strugging to escape the death of the day. My belief is the Media are nothing more than mouth pieces paid for by money dumping sponsors. These sponsors dump large sums of money into... more

Our destiny is largely in our own hands. If we find, we shall have to seek. If we succeed in the race for life must be by our own energies, and our own exertions. Others may clear the road, but we must go forward or be left behind in the race... more

Entertainers of the 1960's answered the cause for equality with songs. Today's cause is jobs. Where are today's entertainers? While jobless is 5.7%, Black unemployment remains in double digits. Blacks skills contributes to a healthy... more

Politicians and CEOs are taking America back to 19th century and non-voters are to blame. Americans have to put the puzzles pieces together. Cost of living, wages and voting is political and is tied directly to our lives whether we vote or... more

Where your treasure is, so is your heart. Black History Month is a call for change in America for Black Americans and especially for workingclass Americans. We are being held hostage by politicians and ceos and the only way to break free... more

Where your treasure is, so is your heart. This Black History Month, I'm calling on Politicians, Business owners, CEOs, Managers and Entrepreneurs to Pay Tribute to America's Black History Month with a heart for America.... more
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