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America's axis of evil> ALEC, GOP & SCOTUS. They serves corporations. SCOTUS ruled corporations are people. America is a nation of 315 million people. 1% of Americans are serving in our voluntary military. 45.3 Americans live in poverty! Many of these in poverty work and cannot lift themselves out of poverty. America is home to over 500 billionaires; 10 million millionaires; Tax payers pay yearly, 100 Senators; 435 congressional representatives; 50 governors; Countless Mayors and city council members; and 50 legislative bodies of hundreds and thousands of members. Americans are consumers to 25 million small businesses; 25 million corporations with 500plus employees, of which 10 % are foreign owned corporations. A healthy America has a workforce 160million people. Today in America 45.3 people live in poverty, and this includes people who are working and can't lift themselves out of poverty.

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Work for a 21stcentury America. Not a 20th century or 19th century America of old. My works are for working class adults and children every of our nation. I work for a 21st Century America where children born today will not face segragation and racism 54years from today. My works are for a 21st century America where all children will know American history and no child will feel quilt or undue pride toward the actions or lack thereof of their ancestors. I work for an America where all our nations children will feel protected in their homes, in streets, in schools, in parades, in places of worship. We can get there from here. With faith and with work, all Americans will be free to prosper according to their faith and their works. Prosperity is available for all only in a 21st century America. Join me this day!
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Tearing down others is the American way. In America today, people speak love but America's pass time is the tongue. Bridle the tongue America. Gossip is tearing America down. Speak a better America better. There's home grown and... more

Based on the city you are born in in America increases your chances of being in poverty all your life. Americans born into some families are more destined or not for poverty. Americans born with a dark hue are more likely to live a life of the... more

America, we have to do a better job or absolutely none of us will recognize America as the land of opportunity. I love politics. I understand politics because I study politics. If it will affect the masses, politics must be and will be part of the... more

The State of the Union Address is an absolute necessity. Those who don't want to watch, don't! Those who object to it being aired and say we don't need it are the ones who are will remain less informed about our economy and the safety of... more

Research shows 9 of 10 American confess Christianity as their religion of choice yet 1 in 6 Americans live in poverty. Keep in mind; we live in the land of opportunity. Able bodied adults are jobless, underemployed, hungry, homeless,... more

Stock markets are soaring, thanks to you and I. Thanks to spending practices of working class citizens, jobless citizens spending unemployment benefits, disabled persons spending disability benefits, elderly citizens spending social security... more

The heart of man is most important for self and others. So when you hear it said that Americans act stupidily, the statement derives from actions which are demonstrated daily. All actions come first from thoughts. The change we seek... more

America's challenges are man made. Time American's come together and find ways to join forces and be the changes we desire. Praise, politics and productivity are objectives. Believers must discard the sluggard ways and do the works... more

Midterm 2014 election favors republicans. Republicans interperts 2014 election as the people's wish to be jobless, without healthcare, and underemployed. Afterall, republicans are the ones who wants jobs outsourced, while Americans remain... more

There's gold/goals in them there "hills" America. Come visit with. Today's show is about policing, protesting, passion, and prosperity and an uninformed public. America is in an economic boom and it is being all but hid from the public to... more
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