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America's axis of evil> ALEC, GOP & SCOTUS. They serves corporations. SCOTUS ruled corporations are people. America is a nation of 315 million people. 1% of Americans are serving in our voluntary military. 45.3 Americans live in poverty! Many of these in poverty work and cannot lift themselves out of poverty. America is home to over 500 billionaires; 10 million millionaires; Tax payers pay yearly, 100 Senators; 435 congressional representatives; 50 governors; Countless Mayors and city council members; and 50 legislative bodies of hundreds and thousands of members. Americans are consumers to 25 million small businesses; 25 million corporations with 500plus employees, of which 10 % are foreign owned corporations. A healthy America has a workforce 160million people. Today in America 45.3 people live in poverty, and this includes people who are working and can't lift themselves out of poverty.

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Americans aim for the almighty dollar, do or die. Everyone is caught up in this system as it exist. This system exist because everyone is not equally involved in a better America every day. The issue is earning dollars based on the lifestyle... more

America we need more than self. We need God and the love and support of others in our lives. Acknowledge God. Represent God. Lean on God. We are to labor in God's will. We are to be our brother's keeper. We are to live by... more

Blacks have the assigned position at the bottom of the totem poll in America. The original true American, the Native Indian, fought to not be bondaged by Whites and they too were enslaved. Whites come to America to escape rule by... more

Parents. Families. Clergy. Educators. Politicians. What wouldn't you do to save the life of a child? What would you do to prevent the death of a child? Should we factor in a certain number or a certain kind of preventable deaths of children as... more

Thug politicians use the same handbook over and over receiving legalized dollars from thug CEOs, and never delivering promises made to voters. Politicians tell all who will listen the same thing they said to get elected last time, the last... more

Every speech about Black issues ends up in talk about crime, prison talk, education, missing fathers, you need to vote. These problems come from slavery and the foundation of institutional racism which is an orchrestrated substitute... more

Americans work 40-60 hours weekly and remain below poverty lines. Poverty levels in states are misrepresented mainly because all wealth in a particular states is used to average out population income. The more millionaires per states... more

America, the land of opportunity. The country of exceptionalism. The land of the brave. The land of the Free. Who exactly is included in the things we hear said about America the Beautiful? America's history is about battles won,... more

America is an oppressed society, built around Blackcode laws. Oppression has always been in America, except for the deliberate division of races causes the White race to feel superior, thereby Whites, women, immigrants not recognizing... more

God speaks to mankind via scriptures. Al that we will and will not face in a lifetime is found in God's word. Scripture is parables by which believer are to live, love and prosper. God's word is provided that man may have live more abundantly.... more
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