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America's axis of evil> ALEC, GOP & SCOTUS. They serves corporations. SCOTUS ruled corporations are people. America is a nation of 315 million people. 1% of Americans are serving in our voluntary military. 45.3 Americans live in poverty! Many of these in poverty work and cannot lift themselves out of poverty. America is home to over 500 billionaires; 10 million millionaires; Tax payers pay yearly, 100 Senators; 435 congressional representatives; 50 governors; Countless Mayors and city council members; and 50 legislative bodies of hundreds and thousands of members. Americans are consumers to 25 million small businesses; 25 million corporations with 500plus employees, of which 10 % are foreign owned corporations. A healthy America has a workforce 160million people. Today in America 45.3 people live in poverty, and this includes people who are working and can't lift themselves out of poverty.

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The ability to express opinions and ideas publicly without government interference is a good feeling. This is called freedom of speech. Although government cannot interfer when it come to free speech, free speech does not mean the public... more

Voting is not about lying politicians. Voting determines the amount of money that comes into communities. Voting determines who gets to make decisions about how the money is spent that comes into communities. Voting is about better... more

USA problem is voluntary servitude because it is widely accepted by USA majority race. Living one's life out of fear or out of total submission to others, (without love of that other as being part of the equation), is not at all about government of... more

Be the change. Many issues Americans are faced with today is solvable by the masses putting forth effort to effect change. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting something different. POLITICIANS do what they want when they want... more

There is no room for compromise in governing because ALEC controls America. No guesswork required. ALEC controls. Americans can and must rid governing by the axis of evil Bush warned us about. Grover Norquist is the point guy... more

Of 318 million US citizens, racist are few. Racism in the USA comes from people who are part of, or wanna be part of the majority race. Racism is based on envy, hate, and ignorance. A few members of the majority race designed racist... more

Being an American is not enough anymore. When it comes to becoming old enough to get a job that pays, once upon a time, being an American was the only requirement. Today, being an American is not enough to expect to get a job.... more

Every thing any American could possibly want is in America today. There are solutions to police brutality; low wages; medical care needs; GOP bills that destroy families. America is a country where the best of people and the worst of... more

Americans aim for the almighty dollar, do or die. Everyone is caught up in this system as it exist. This system exist because everyone is not equally involved in a better America every day. The issue is earning dollars based on the lifestyle... more

America we need more than self. We need God and the love and support of others in our lives. Acknowledge God. Represent God. Lean on God. We are to labor in God's will. We are to be our brother's keeper. We are to live by... more
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