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America's axis of evil: ALEC, GOP & SCOTUS does not appreciate the presidency of PBO. PBO does not set well with them. Since 1-20-2009 GOP has said NO to every plan to put America back to work. American's should be an outraged voting block against the GOP. Why? GOP is in it for dough from the dough donors. GOP caused a recession which led America to the brink of a depression. Now ALEC, GOP, and SCOTUS blames PBO for every wrong America experiences today. America's in a mess and the mess belongs to the axis of evil, led by The Baby Bush. PBO's administration saved US from depression. Stock markets have surpassed 16,000, 1st time ever, private sector "is doing fine". Job seekers, are at 6.3. Political Junkies are fully aware GOP has deliberately not passed any laws to put the middle class back to work across America. The GOP is a hidden haven for Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Green party, Business Owners, CEO's, Clergy, Law Enforcement, Individuals of the 99% and the 1% who all have a "common corrupt interest". Greed! The love of money! This is the picture of the GOP NO Team according to BeeSays. We the masses are getting US back on track. We must occupy jobs, occupy ballot boxes, occupy our land of opportunity. Support OWS. OWS has improved the political landscape. Rich and poor alike loses when we sit complacent and do nothing. We now know the GOP had a closed door meeting 1-20-2009, the day PBO was sworn in. The meeting was to develop ways to discredit PBO's presidency. The plan was simple. Say "NO". No matter what PBO laid out as a plan for America, The GOP plan was to say NO. That's what Rush Limbaugh meant when he said, "I hope "He" fails. The failure is unemployment. The GOP comrades have refused to hire and the results is increased poverty, physical depression, split families. Where will it all end? At the door of the unemployed GOP! And that's the way i

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The presidency of the United States has been bestowed upon 44 men. Of these 44 men, 43 have been white men and the 44th president currently in office is a black man. 43 white men have ruled over the entire country. From a country of 13 colonies to a country of 50 states. From a country of people who were native Americans, people who were immigrants, and people who were stolen into this country. The presidency has been there for some of the people, and the presidency has been there for all of the people. Why is politicians threathening impeachment of the one and only black man to ever hold the power of president of the united states of America? Politicians who wants the president impeached because one black president is one too many, try it and you lose. Your relatives will lose. Your descendants will lose. History will document your hate in books, blogs, movies, magazines, history artifacts, you name it. Your hatred will be blasted across the world and family who come after you will change their names. Your heritage ends when impeachment proceeding begin. You feel self righteous? This has held America back from the beginning of supremancy of the wealthy white male. You think yourself to be superior to all others? This is ignorance. Ignorance stagnates ideas and growth in America. It shows ignorance and corruption to seek to impeach the first black president of America. Out of hate, it won't happen. The majority of voters voted for the first black president. You who swore to leave America be a man of your word, leave. A threshold has been crossed and wealthy white males will remain wealthy but white males will not reign supreme ever again. You lack confidence and the more you dwell on what you don't want, the more you get of what you don't want. Your only revenge? Vote for a white man in 2016.
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