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America's axis of evil> ALEC, GOP & SCOTUS. They serves corporations. SCOTUS ruled corporations are people. America is a nation of 315 million people. 1% of Americans are serving in our voluntary military. 45.3 Americans live in poverty! Many of these in poverty work and cannot lift themselves out of poverty. America is home to over 500 billionaires; 10 million millionaires; Tax payers pay yearly, 100 Senators; 435 congressional representatives; 50 governors; Countless Mayors and city council members; and 50 legislative bodies of hundreds and thousands of members. Americans are consumers to 25 million small businesses; 25 million corporations with 500plus employees, of which 10 % are foreign owned corporations. A healthy America has a workforce 160million people. Today in America 45.3 people live in poverty, and this includes people who are working and can't lift themselves out of poverty.

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White people in America were born telling Black people where to go and what to do. Whites owning Blacks like they owned cattle meant they had arrived. The poor White man knew he had arrived when he got hired to oversee Africans on a plantation. Wealthy White men owned everything and whatever he said to be adhered to, everyone oblidged. The wealthy White man controlled his mother, wife, children, and all other poor White people.This is White supremacy. I am the descendant of over four hundred years of slavery. Slavery ended 150 years ago and as of today, wealthy White men have not let go of the ignorance of White supermacy. They need it with a passion. I must say it does pay well. But what is even worse is the ignorance of Blacks who long for the good old days. Black people have to stop tellling Blacks that if they learn how to act, they would not face police brutality. If they go to school they'll get a good paying job. If they keep their mouth shut there wouldn't be any problems. Black people, can you tell me about your good old days?
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Racism is the enemy in America that will continue to grow until Whites who don't respect Blacks can unleast call a truce. Only with respect will there be an ability to communicate. Race relations in America is filled with rage and ignorance is the... more

Christians are to live by God's words. Christians are to prosper. Others are to be able to see prosperity and be encouraged to do likewise. When we are idle, especially Christians, we become a role model that is not pleasing in God's... more

In the past, business owners have provided jobs and everyone was working. Why can't government let us get back to life like it was then? Why don't government just get out of the way and let business owners do what they want? What time... more

Church is ridiculed by many today and people are reluctant to speak good when it comes to that body. Church was the strongest foundation of mankind here in America for generations. The church was respected. The church role was... more

Any elected official who feels minimum wage is irrelevant and Obamacare is irrelevant, surely has chosen the wrong job. Elected officials who blocks Veterans bills surely has chosen the wrong job. Does elected officials understand... more

Duty of Clergy: Teach Us the concept of faith and work: do unto others: love thy neighbor as thy self: be still and know that I am God. Clergy fails at their job and men fail for lack of knowledge. Duties of clergy, politicians and ceos are not... more

Government workers, elected, appointed or hired are to provide services to we the people. We the people of the United States of America in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the... more

Politics does and always has controlled outcomes of America's people, places and things. No one can say for sure what each body of politicians thought or wanted at any given period in time. We must go by what we know and our... more

Power is in the pen. Power is in the vote. Power is in the money. Goals to achieve either one of these in abundance or any combination of these in abundance reaps rewards to the holders. Each day brings another opportunity to do the necessary... more

I want you to feel my pain today! I pain for the jobless. I pain for children without coats to attend school. Media story of the month: Everyone loves America except President Obama! Media reports, Giualani says, everyone loves America but... more
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