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Explain This Thing Called The Race Card

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OK guys! Explain this thing racist call the race card. This is the first time I've asked this question, and I want someone who knows to find the guts to call in and tell my listeners and followers exactly what is the race card.

I've heard that Black people are looking for free stuff

I've heard that poor Black people have no models of people going to work everyday.

I've heard that inner city people are generational too lazy too work.

I've heard that Black people were better off as slaves

I've heard that Black people need to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps

I've heard many more racist remarks made naming specific people which I will not put in print.

Every time groups of Black/ or organizations supportive of Blacks speak out against such remarks, I hear someone I would refer to as racist say, there they go with that race card again.

I want someone from the majority race to explain how it feels being representative of people who held people in bondage for generations, and now you are one of those who feel all that I do not have is my own fault.

I am as full blooded America as any other person claiming to be an American. America never kept the promise of 40 acres and a mule to my ancestors. But America did pay the slave owners, and merchants for the loss of human beings as property when slavery was abolished.

The true America, the Indian welcomed the White man to the land and the payment received was salughter, captivity, and being herded onto reservations.

So now, after hearing Bundy and Sterling this week, I want to hear exactly what you think this race card is as it relates to Blacks using it. And while at it tell me why affirmative action has has no need.