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GOP Wreckage of America From 2000 - 2013

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GOP wrecked America. 2000 - 2013. Now the GOP is spending millions of dollars to defeat any candidates that does not join their group of corruption. In 2013 GOP, Speaker Boehner said measure their successes by how many bills they blocked not by number of bills they passed. Needs of millions of Americans does not matter when it comes to GOP party. GOPs  agenda looks after top 1% of wealthiest of Americans. GOP only supports desires of the wealthiest.

Media is eagerly discussing stories of the year and having as much fun as possible in the process.  BeeSays: News stories of the year are lived daily and mostly unwritten stories. News outlets spins and or ignores the truth about issues and feeds the appetite of mongers. The story of issues facing American is about wreckage of America thanks to the GOP from 2000-2013.

The entire GOP is corrupt. To be classified as the GOP is to be corrupt. The public who label themselves as republicans are not the GOP. They couldn't be the GOP if their lives depended on it. Most citizenry republicans are people lacking life's necessities and depending on the great White hope for survival. It will never happen. It can't happen for republican voters are nowhere on GOP radar. All this wreckage, brought to US by The axis of evil: GOP, ALEC, SCOTUS.

SCOTUS selected Bush for president

Voters Rights

US citizenry, thanks to social media are slamming GOP big time across America

GOP shutdown America 16days at a cost of $24B

Congress passed bill to end flight delays

GOP voted (a lie) 54 times to repeal ACA (a law) which is impossible costing over $50m

GOP closed schools across America. 23 in Philadelphia

GOP blocked jobs bills

Recall more GOP wreckage today at 5:30PM