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Three Steps to America's 2014 Economic Boom

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Three steps to America's 2014 Economic Boom:

1. Pride. Pride is a noun that can be defined with defined with many different adjectives all of which are about self. Pride can take away from the actual person. Embrace humility and step one to America's 2014 Economic Boom has taken root.

2. Charity. A missing practice, has become a word associated only with the very poor, the indigent. Charity actually is a synonym for love. Embrace agape love and step two to America's 2014 Economic Boom has been nourished.

3. Civic duty. A word that has all but disappeared from society. It's as if we no longer belong to our communities, nor this country. It is as if now when we disagree on how we reach the goal of full employment, we hear words like lazy, unAnerican, or takers to define why this country is unable to employ it's citizens. Embrace our civic duty to our country and step three to America's 2014 Economic Boom results in the blooming of our effforts, jobs for American citizens.

These 3 steps, when embraced by Americans of all classes will move America into a 2014 economic boom unlike any in recorded history. This Economic Boom will include all the people. No one who seeks to thrive will be left behind.

For the first time in America all the people have been brought into the melting pot. There are those who still fight against a united America. But reality is America is finally the promised rainbow. We have arrived.