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Grow a Spine, A Spine is Required to Get a Job

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Look at all the unemployment in America. Ask yourself why! Stock market just hit 16,000. American businesses are storing money all over the world. Foreign companies are doing business in America and transferring profits to their own countries. Americans are getting poorer every week that a paycheck does not come into enough American households. You are allowing this to happen.

America is missing backbones. Unemployment is too high because Americans are missing a spine. Americans are not missing skills. Jobs most needed today are needed by the working poor. Any skills needed on such jobs can be developed in weeks on the job. Unemployment is not about citizens not being skilled for the workforce of today.

Unemployment is high because you do not have the spines to go look managers in the face and ask for a job you know are qualified for and capable of doing. Do you really think managers or their staff are looking at all the online resumes and jobs request they receive and reject? That works for businesses. It's nothing more than a feel good step to replace your missing spine. Job loss is political. Job loss is orchrestrated by GOP and ALEC. Not hiring you and bringing in foreigners I'm sure has advantages for CEOs. What advantages? You guess. I know through research, foreigners are paid same salaries if not more than American holding comparable positions. Failure to hire is political. Low wages is political. Keeping job applicants away from businesses is political. Being spinless is you! Grow a spine and call companies where you sent resumes. Government progams can help!

Pride, embarrassment, laziness, lack of confidence, or fear stands in the way of Americans having a spine. Waiting for business managers to care about hiring is spinless. Grow a spine! Suit up. Go get hired.