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GOP is Weak, Follow the Facts

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American have to face facts if all Americans are to have true opportunity to prosper. Realize, America is like a great chain. We are linked together, like it or not. Therefore, America our opportunities are no stronger than our weakest link. The weakest link is the GOP. The gravest thing about the GOP being the weakest link is that the GOP planned it to be. The GOP have said no for now on to 5 years and they planned to say NO. On Jan 20, 2009, when President Obama was attending the ball on the night of the inauguration, a group of GOP, and Frank Luntz, met to plan a plot to say "NO" for 4 years. This was their plan hoping for the demise of President Obama. The world knows this. And the world responds to this. I heard just the other day, that in some country, a med student was locked up for tweeting words against the president of that country. Here in America, the GOP and the constituents who worship them have talked not only about President Obama, they have contributed to an almost depression in this country. We have a group of GOP who exhibits fear of Norquist, fear of the  NRA, and only God knows who else it is the GOP fears.

The GOP is America's weakest link. GOP grows poverty; racial animosity; writes laws to scam the courts against the poor, favoring the 1%; gerrymandering districts to gain GOP votes as they suppress minority voters. All said, the GOP is a  political body of presidential wannabes, and millionaires who have shown themselve as scum and the only solution now is term limits. There need to be some major extermination so Americans can return to a full workforce of 160million and the Affordable care Act can be worked on by caring elected officials, austerity can end before we have a medical  epidemic, and Veterans can get jobs, and receive needed services and resources. Thank God for the strength of the American people and the leadership of President Obama.