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Talmadge Diary Proves Truncated D&C Project of the Church

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Art Bulla

Art Bulla


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95 Revelation Removed in Truncated D&C, A Project of the Church in Order to Deceive the Saints Regarding DC 132 and 85 (the advent of the One Mighty and Strong and the Redemption of Zion)

Once again, Mr Hale, the chief proponent of "all is well in Zion", decried in 2 Nephi 28, has proven himself a base obfuscating liar.  For the diary that he said I "did not want him to read" after hanging up on me (then free to erect "strawmen" arguments un-impeded by the truth) proves that this new truncated edition of the D&C, to be titled "Latter-Day Revelation", was a project of the 1st Presidency and the Twelve, not Talmadge alone as Mr. Hale lied.  But it was in fact a project of the Church to be urged upon the poor wayfaring man of grief in his search for the truth to keep him from learning of prophesied advent of the One Mighty and Strong and the redemption of Zion, these revelations being done a away with and declared by these false prophets hoisted into power, to be "of no enduring value".  The preface to this revision of the D&C even stated this blatantly as the reason for removing 95 revelations from the D&C!  But Mr. Hale while spitting in the faces of the humble followers of Christ, says it is merely raining, for he read this preface, and then drew just the exact opposite conclusion the words plainly convey.  Truely Mr. Hale is so out of touch with reality, swimming in d'Nile, that he is plainly insane.  For not only the preface declares this intent, but the diary of Mr. Talmadge, 1st Counselor, shows it was a project of the presiding quorums, to do away with the prophecy of the One Mighty and Strong, and the redemption of Zion, including Section 132 and 85 plus 93 others shown in Darter's book, The Redemption of Zion. All these things are demonstrated in the program to be  fulfillment of various prophecies.