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For he taught them as one having authority, and not as the scribes. (Matt 7:29) (Note: for archived shows, scroll to bottom of this page and use arrows to cycle back through months and years.) Dedicated to the redemption of Zion. Revelations of Jesus Christ, authority, Priesthood, Kingdom of God, doctrine discusssed pertaining to the salvation of Ephraim and Manessah. (Being in Baja in Mexico, and there are no services here, I have to use Skype via a satellite connection which may cause drop-offs. But the show is well worth your time, despite this unavoidable problem due to latency (satellite 22,000 mi above earth and packets scatter at times))

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Topics on the redemption of Zion, and The Reveations of Jesus Christ
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The Revelations of Jesus Christ and the redemption of Zion.

Brother Joseph Smith gave us the word of the Lord; it was simply this: "Never do another day's work to build up a Gentile city; never lay out another dollar while you live, to advance the world in its present state; it is full of wickedness and... more

God is the author of the races! Israel is to be segregated from Gentiles and the black race of Cain, saith the Lord. Art Bulla read and commented on Section 7, The Revelations of Jesus Christ, received 1980. (Please see Section 7 of the... more

Crimes against nature, produce destruction of civilizations. These inclued sodomy, of course, and then the major contributing factor to the same, matriarchal tyrany, as practiced now in the United States, producing the effiminate mind.... more

In this program I explain the apparent descrepancy between the following two quotes: Any man who says that he really and firmly believes a certain law of God binding on him, and who will not obey it in preference to a conflicting law of man... more

There are many humble followers of Christ in the Catholic Church, however, the letter of the law as dictated and prescribed by heaven must be obeyed, for they also are commanded to come out of Babylon the Great to build Zion, saith the... more

12 I am the Lord thy God; and I give unto you this commandment--that no man shall come unto the Father but by me or by my word, which is my law, saith the Lord. 13 And everything that is in the world, whether it be ordained of men, by... more

Roving black mobs attacking whites of all ages and for no reason are not reported by the media. The racist Holder is unconcerned. Whites have no right to life, much less liberty and property. Police will not report these as hate crimes.... more

"They (black race of Cain), therefore, ought not in the first thing have anything to do in Government affairs. What the Gentiles are doing we are consenting to do. What we are trying to do today is to make the Negro equal with us in all our... more
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