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Joseph A Fighting Prophet

  • Broadcast in The Bible
Art Bulla

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A Fighting Prophet
Joseph Smith was a man of great physical strength. He enjoyed wrestling and other sports where he could display his strength. Under the date of March 11, 1843, we find this entry in the History of the Church, (vol. 5, p.302). "In the evening, when pulling sticks, I pulled up Justus A. Morse, the strongest man in Ramus, with one hand." (p.466).

John D. Lee related that one day Joseph Smith and some of his men were wrestling. Because it was "the Sabbath day" Sidney Rigdon tried to break it up. Joseph Smith "dragged him from the ring, bareheaded, and tore Rigdon's fine pulpit coat from the collar to the waist; then he turned to the men and said: 'Go in, boys, and have your fun' " (Confessions of John D. Lee, pp.76-78).
Jedediah M. Grant, a member of the First Presidency under Brigham Young, recounted a humorous incident:
I am aware that a great many have so much piety in them, that they are like the Baptist priest who came to see Joseph Smith.... and folding his arms said, "Is it possible that I now flash my optics upon a man who has conversed with my Savior?" "Yes," says the Prophet, "I don't know but you do; would not you like to wrestle with me?" That, you see, brought the priest right on to the thrashing floor, and he turned a summerset right straight. After he had whirled round a few times, like a duck shot in the head, he concluded that his piety had been awfully shocked, even to the centre, and went to the Prophet to learn why he had so shocked his piety
(Journal of Discourses, vol. 3, pp.66-67).
Clip played of Stork miracle eating locusts, saving Israeli farmers.  Also part 3 clip played exposing fraud of Geology as supported by anti-Christs.