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Sumerians primary attitude viewed the order of kingship divine in origin

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In history, Earth was not blessed yet with intelligent hybrid Homo sapiens sapiens human life, until about 270,000 ago when astronomy Martin Rees said, the Universe is part of everyone of us and as our ancestors left their home- lands to take over this earth on which we live. Our intellect is able to conquer space  and mankind make the Milky Way his mome.  Now the paleolithic age was the time of the Anunnaki-Elohim goddesses gods who started the intelligent civilization of human beings and used the manner of kingship to rule over them long before the 600 B.C. criminal white men existed. Gods, Goddesses, and Rulers. What we call government buildings today, were what the prominent building structures Sumerians dedicated to the chief god and goddess of the city. Usually are built atop a massive stepped tower called a zigguart.   Sumerians believed that the gods ruled the cities, under theocratic government and by what is called "Kingship." Sumerians viewed kingship as divine in origin Kings, they believed, derived their power from the  godsand were agents of the gods. *** (N.G. page 39) The ancient Paleolithic calendar period ended; when the Roman Europeanism invented A.D. Anno Domini by the Gregorian calendar for monotheism religion. Except for that the Paleolithic human cultural of kingship; order of civility has not changed. But the Roman European erroneously say paleolithic period ended at different times in different parts of the world, generally around 10,000 years ago in Europe and the Middle East. Wrong and their lies began to destroy people. ( N.G. page 150-151)

In 509 B.C. Roman overthrown last Etruscan king. European Roman power fuel by criminal greed.