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Beit Shemesh vs. the Islamist dominated Egyptian Parliament

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The Ben Solomon show

The Ben Solomon show


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   Tonight, I'll discuss some hypocrisy that gets under my skin. Why does the left continue to insist that the uprising is moving Egypt more toward a democracy despite the parliament being dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood, the father of modern Islamo-Fascism, and the "more radical" Salafists? How is banning bikinis, banning alchohol and wanting to cover the spinx more "democratic"? Also, what about the clash that the Israeli police had with some radical UltraOrthodox fanatics in the town of Beith Shemesh? How is having an Islamo-Fascist dominated parliament moving toward democracy while some troublemakers causing trouble and getting condemned by the society is moving more toward Iran? Why is it that some UltraOrthodox troublemakers get exploited to demonize Israel? Am I fuming mad at this hypocrisy? You bet!!!!!! I'll also roast the false "friends" of Israel, who are okay with this hypocrisy and exhibit it themselves. This show is not there to defend the UltraOrthodox troublemakers in Beit Shemesh or to try to put the problems they cause under the rug. But time to give some perspecitve. Yes, the problems they cause is there and is being addressed by pretty much everyone in Israel. But I'll explain why Israeli society is actually doing what she can to fight against Jewish religious fanatics while Egypt is controlled by Muslim religious fanatics. Also, I'll explain that there's no moral equivalence between the Islamo-Fascist movement, which is global and even governs countries [such as Iran and Sudan] while Jewish fanatics and Christian fanatics are a small fringe, which are widely condemned by their communities. Why is it that there's an intense desire to excuse Muslim terrorism while even talking about how the acts of fringe Ultraorthodox troublemakers get exploited to bash Israel is frowned upon? Tune in and listen, as I'll discuss this hypocrisy, which really gets under my skin.