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Am Yisrael Chai radio host Benyamin Solomon is a former Conservative BTR radio host. However, while agreeing with political Conservativism as a political philosophy, he rejects the wingnut approach to talking about politics. Instead, he has decided to offer analysis from a Torah perspective. His basic approach is a simple one: Am Yisrael chai [the people of Israel live]!!!!!

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I'm sure some people have heard of the game of Mao, the game where you start off not knowing any of the rules and you learn after being penalized with more cards. And the winner makes up a new rule at the end of the game. Well, a real... more

Article 4 of the Palestinian Authority constitution says that Sharia law is the main source of legislation. In fact, Muslim countries proudly call themselves "Islamic" and even actviely discriminate against non-Muslims. But in Israel, which is not... more

Tune into the Ben Solomon show, as he talks about the latest news. A lot has happened. Recently, there was a terorrist attack on a Jerusalem synagogue. And the EU proposes snactions on Israel for its settlement activity, according to... more

Remember a few years ago when the Israelis set up another bus company in Judea and Samaria [the "west Bank"] that would make life easier for Arab workers in the West Bank who work for Israel. Those buses would not stop at any... more

Under President Barack Obama, the US foreign policy has been anything but pro-Israel. Liberal Egyptians [not merely "redneck" tea-Party people] have called out Obama as a Muslim Brotherhood stooge over his one-sided support of... more

No. Not my words. But the words of a Gazan school teacher. This article [see previous hyperlink], published back in September and written by Mudhar Zahran, a Palestinian Jordanian dissident, has confirmed what I said, as Gazans... more

Recently, there has been a terror attack in Jerusalem, which even murdered a little baby. And the liberal media portrays it as a car accident and focus on Israel shooting the Hamas terrorist in response.

Haneen Zoabi is a notorious example of a terrorist apologist sitting in Israel's parliament [Knesset] with Israeli guards. She recently said that the kidnappers of the Yeshiva students were not terrorists. While she freely sits in the Knesset... more

Starting at Rosh Hashanah, Israel will be going through the Shmitta [Sabbatical] year. Why is that significant? Because it's one way of signifying that Israel [and the world] belongs to G-d. Just as the Jewish people get a rest day one day... more
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