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Am Yisrael Chai radio host Benyamin Solomon is a former Conservative BTR radio host. However, while agreeing with political Conservativism as a political philosophy, he rejects the wingnut approach to talking about politics. Instead, he has decided to offer analysis from a Torah perspective. His basic approach is a simple one: Am Yisrael chai [the people of Israel live]!!!!!

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Why Israel should disregard the anti-Semitic Gentile world and do what needs to be done to be a secure and strong Jewish state.

It's time someone says it. Jordan is a rogue terrorist state. It's aobut time the US State Department adds Jordan in their list of state sponsors of terrorism. Why is it that everyone continues to kiss up to Jordan's terrorist King? It's clear... more

Hello. Happy Independance day!!! Tune in live now to this wonderful show!!!

What does Reform "Judaism" and Messianic "Judaism" have in common? Both are psedoJudaism. Except that at least Messianic Judaism is somewhat based on the Bible [albeit from a Christian perspective] and can, at times, be on the right... more

Due to me over sleeping last night, I will continue where I left off, with what's happening of girls being raped by Muslim Nazi subhuman scums, as the politically correct leftist establishment looks the other way.

A recent case epademic has caught the media's attention in Britain, as the cowardly British police refused to give protection to 11-14 year old girls who have been kidnapped and constantly raped and sexually exploited non stop by rapist... more

All over the world, Muslim radicals have carried out barbaric terrorist atrocities. They publicly behead people in public squares and in front of television cameras chanting, "Allah Ackbar!!", they send their children dressed in bomb belts to kill... more

What's the difference between the 7 Laws of Noah and every other system out there [from Capitalism, Communism, democracy, autocracy]? The 7 Laws of Noah is the basic moral code that Hashem [G-d] expects man to live by.... more

How many times have we heard leftist liberals say that pro-life people [particularly Conservative ones] are hypocrites because they defend the right of the unborn while supporting the death penalty for murderers? They say that it's... more
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