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To The Point with Will Johnson


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Will Johnson is a Conservative Christain that likes to get to the point. Tune in Weekdays at 7 pm Pacific, 9pm Central, and 10 pm Eastern you can catch will talking about current events, politics and religion. Nothing is off limits. Once a Democrat, Will realized that his values and political ideas didn’t align with that party. He has been a conservative since 2012. Website: UniteAmericaFirst.com YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/UNITEAMERICAFIRST Twitter: https://twitter.com/uniteamerica1st Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/uniteamericafirst/ SubscribeStar: https://www.subscribestar.com/will-johnson UAF Store: https://uniteamericafirst.com/uafstore/ Please consider Donating and Supporting: https://www.paypal.com/donate/?token=S2_rzBBCAwkfQ2OnlQeGSYSwBOFZKMBpCur4b0KJXIQ4Qotd9G2JGI4eZbQUry9K2t7Y-m&country.x=US&locale.x=US

On-Demand Episodes

Tonight the Democrats are debating in Nevada and the 4J's are here to watch and discuss the circus. Bloomberg is being added to the debate line up and Tom Steyer's was eliminated. Warren, Biden, and Bernie are all upset that... more

Evangelical Billy Graham has been banned from Britain for what they called his ?Repulsive? views of the LGBT community. In Connecticut three high school girls are suing the district for sexual discrimination because they must... more

Democrats are sad and depressed according to Van Jones because they don't have anyone that can beat President Trump. Even one of Obamas top advisors said that Bernie will not be elected because he is a socialist and Pete Buttigieg... more

Democrats have introduced a new bill called the New Way Forward bill. If passed there won't be any crimes that will automatically require deportation. And even worse, the law will use taxpayer money to bring previously deported criminals... more

Our special guest tonight, David Hamilton, will talk about the different ways the left and right see the world and how we can communicate better. It is one of the biggest obstacles we need to get over in America. Divided we will fall. And... more

The Democrats have had a rough week. First, they showed they can't conduct a caucus in Iowa. Then they had a meltdown at the State of the Union. And today, President Trump was acquitted and vindicated of all the Democrat's false... more

Our guest Marni Hockenburg, founder of MAGASOTA.com, will talk about a Catholic priest in Minnesota that had to apologize because he said that Muslims are a ?threat?. CAIR called on Minnesota's Catholic church to repudiate the... more

Today the Senate voted not to have witnesses in the impeachment trial. Democrat leader Schumer came out and said that it is a disgrace to not have witnesses and documentation in a trial. But he neglects to point out that it is NOT up to the... more

Is the coronavirus dangerous or not? Should we be concerned? It seems the world is getting mixed information on what exactly is happening. The UN says that China is doing everything they can to eliminate the threat. Yet a China journalist... more

In John Bolton's book it is being said that he is supporting the what President Trump is being accused of in the Articles of Impeachment. However, the White House says he is lying. The question is, would he even make a good witness... more