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The Absolute Truth


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discussing issues regrading current events, relationships and giving advices to the public

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Tonight on The Absolute Truth, our group of misfits discuss the R. Kelly case fallout. How did he go this long before getting a guilty verdict? We will look at LeBron James' controversial stance on vaccine education. And we'll discuss the... more

Tonight on The Absolute Truth, our panel gives our insight on the school year and the pandemic. Have the schools prepared adequately for potential outbreaks? We will also look into the tragedy of the Gabby Petito situation. How can... more

Tonight on The Season Premiere of The Absolute Truth, we are back! We will let you know how are summer was! And like the first day of school, we will have a first day with a slew of the hottest topics! We are back for our 7th year!... more

Tonight on the season finale of The Absolute Truth, our panel will dissect the aftermath of Bill Cosby's overturned conviction. Fair or foul? We examine the power of athletes protesting in international competition. And is U.S. Olympian... more

Tonight on The Absolute Truth, our panel discusses the importance of Juneteenth. What is the impact of the first fully active NFL player announcing his sexuality. We look at the new voting laws and see if it's another version of Jim Crow. And the... more

Tonight on a special edition of The Absolute Truth, we look atvtge rise in violence as we head into the summer. Guns, fighting. Why is it so prevalent? Tonight at 11:30pm on The Absolute Truth! With the Hot Rod and Sean Black! Where We... more

Tonight on a brand new episode of The Absolute Truth, we survey the current landscape of mass shootings and why they are so prevalent. Is mental health a big factor? Or lockdown fatigue? That and more hot topics! That's tonight... more

Tonight on The Absolute Truth, our panel will analyze the new CDC guidelines for masks and the confusion it's causing. We look at the conflicts over in the Middle East. And what are the perils of dating your friend's ex? That's tonight at... more

Tonight's episode of The Absolute Truth is a loaded one. Our panel analyzes the President's first 100 days. Good, bad or indifferent? And has he done enough to get the country back to normal? We look onto Sen. Tim Scott's claim... more

Tonight, we have a special edition of The Absolute Truth. After the Derek Chauvin verdict, where do go from here? We react to the history making decision. And we react to the 15 year old in Ohio that was killed by police. That's tonight at 10pm... more