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The Absolute Truth


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discussing issues regrading current events, relationships and giving advices to the public

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Monday night on The Absolute Truth, our panel examines the influence and power of the Black Lives Matter movement. We will also look at the importance of Juneteenth. Should it be recognized as a national holiday? That and more this... more

Tonight on The Absolute Truth, our panel looks at the evolution of sports in a post-protest world. Plus other aftermaths from George's Floyd's death and many more hot topics That's tonight at 10pm on The Absolute Truth! With the Hot... more

Tonight on The Absolute Truth, we all try to decipher and process the racial divide in our country, after the murder of George Floyd at the hand of a white police officer and the aftermath of protests. Where does the nation go from here? And... more

Tonight on The Absolute Truth, our panel will dedicate the episode to the ugly underreported racial cost of COVID-19. A black man killed in broad daylight while jogging by 2 white men. Plus other loaded hot topics to be discuss. That's... more

Monday night on The Absolute Truth, we weigh the importance of opening up the economy against the potential disaster of reinfection rates spiking. We will also debate the premise of protesting stay at home protocols. That's Monday at... more

Tonight on a special Wednesday edition of The Absolute Truth, we look at the current pandemic situation and see what kind of stresses and new problems we look at, as we assess the new normal. How do you cope? We will discuss it all... more

Tonight on The Absolute Truth, we continue to cover the news surrounding the current outbreak. How do you manage the stress and the new normal of everyday life? And does social distancing work? All that and more hot topics! That... more

Tonight's episode of The Absolute Truth is all about the updates to the news surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak. Now that it has postponed or shutdown most public outings, where do we go from here? We will discuss that all... more

Tonight on a special episode of The Absolute Truth, we give comprehensive opinions on the ongoing coronavirus news and happening and react to the President's stance and the new normal. Tonight at 10pm on The Absolute... more

Monday night on The Absolute Truth, we update the current coronavirus outbreak. We'll look at the disturbing case of a 15 year old NYC girl stomped by 10 youths. What's being done to prevent a repeat? And the controversy over an ad by a... more