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I want to discuss a wide range of ideas today regarding contemporary political debate in America under the general heading of conservatives vs liberals - rights vs privileges. I believe that one of the great things Ronald Reagan did was to... more

On today's show we'll interview South Carolina conservative political activist Stacy Shea - wife of a retired Navy SEAL - about her opposition to the controversial education initiative known as "Common Core" in South Carolina and her groups... more

Today we're going to discuss whether or not America is now a banana republic with a despot, Obama, in-charge. Stories include Iranian warships off our coast - the Constitution as putty in the hands of judges and justices, and more - is it... more

The Brevard County, FL School Board voted unanomously to seek a half-cent sales tax increase next November - right now they are spending approx. $10,000 per pupil. How much is enough? In 1969 America spent under $900 per pupil... more

The evidence is in - the more our country has become liberal - progressive - the more of a problem bullying has become and the more inappropriate the response to bullying has become. That and other issue of the day on today's radio show.

President Obama, his royal highness King Barack the First of America, recently blamed bloggers and conservative talk radio for the recent goverment shutdown and I fully accept my part of the blame - except that we call it credit.

Well, Obama is now officially an imperial president and has snatched the constitutional powers of the purse from the House of Representatives.

The American federal government is dangerous to our liberty, our safety and our well-being. It has become something unrecognizable to anyone with knowledge of freedom, unalienable rights and limited government. Today we have some very... more

Today we will explain what conservatism is to us and why, as well as how it translates into modern society where the rubber hits the road. But, in that explanation we'll also show you how and why liberals and progressives are the... more