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Patricia J Williams

The Power of Prayer


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Seekers of God, whose main focus in life is spiritual growth, also pray regularly to God not only in difficult situations but even in day-to-day situatio

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They don't want your money applause or your friendship they just speak what thus saith The Lord. They operate totally and completely in the Spirit of God. They attract those that are trying to live holy obedient and righteous because they are willing to be chastised and corrected.
  • by Patricia J Williams
  • in Prayer
  • 00:30
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This person steals a revelation from another prophet. They do not seek God for themselves.

Prophetes they do not have self esteem. They wallow in self pity and want people to feel sorry for them. They are false prophets with smooth words. They also pout a lot.

They come to seduce rape & destroy those that are young & immature in the... Spirit. Taking their minds captive by false prophetic words that manipulates them.

They give smooth words to those that are unrighteous to draw money out of them. They operate with a Pharaoh spirit keeping the people in a place of bondage. They draw hypocrites sinners and those with issues to make them feel good in... more

They only become Prophets during the holidays pay days or tax season. They operate with a Saul spirit they only prophesy when they need to get the attention of the people to accept them. They usually attract those that are in lack... more

They only have a word when it's time to take an offering to make people think they can be blessed no matter what. They operate in a Balaam spirit. Most people that are not givers or sowers attach to them because they assumed they... more

They think God is only using them and are always trying to discredit anyone else that prophesies. They always attack other persons character. They usually release a Python spirit over the lives of the people. Most insecure people following... more

They think that they are a god to the people. They are full of pride and think that everybody should bow to them. They operate with the spirit of Leviathan and Jezebel/Ahab combination. Most people dealing with rejection follow them... more

they have not matured spiritually in the Spirit or things of God. They may operate in witchcraft divination and evil. They are a loose cannon bringing destruction. They attract renegades because they both are out of control

Incomplete Prophets - they only prophesy they don't know that it's more to being a Prophet than just giving a word. They usually operate with a familiar spirit. They attract prophesy junkies