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    Pastor Beatrice Smith and the Full Gospel House of Prayer family

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    9/5/23 Intercessory Prayer for all of The Most High God. Join us at 7 PM California time and 9 PM Eastern standard time at (515) 602-9797 to be connected with Pastor Beatrice Smith and the Full Gospel House of Prayer family bringing Glory and Praise to the Throne of God through Intercessory prayer. Live from Sacramento California. If you are in need of Healing, Deliverance or Prayer this is where you will want to be every Tuesday night.

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    Living in EXPECTATION with Bishop Mac Paige

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    Living in Expectation with Bishop Mac Paige 

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    Girls, Let's Talk! Healing Your Aloneness and Becoming All ONE

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    We're back!  And would love for you to join our Inspirational and Informational Girl Talk Book Study.  Healing Your Aloneness" Finding Love and Wholeness through your Inner Child, was written by Erika Chopich and Margaret Paul is the book and workbook used during this healing journey.
    We'll review chapter seven titled "Discovering the Loving Inner Adult." Just to get back into the group discussions we will catch up and share our success stories.  Please listen to the replays to get caught up on some of the good discussions we've had. How we act and react today has so much to do with the unconscious and conscious scars from our past. Ask yourself if your interactions with others is based on truth or false perceptions from your past. 
    Join our group of spiritually based women who are determined to operate from a healthy loving place. Our Circle of Light provides a safe space on the second and fourth Sunday of the month for women who desire to live from a place of inner joy, peace, harmony, and contentment. We no longer desire to be controlled by past errors or experiences that allowed the feelings of fear, guilt, anger, and abandonment to create a place of aloneness and unfulfillment.
    Be with us as we find out healing strategies for our inner child. We meditate, conversate and relate with one another in a thoughtfully healing way..  
    Get the book and workbook, and join my co-hosts Rhonda Doyle-Turnbough and Karen Walker, and I on Sunday September 10th at 6:00 PM Mountain Time/ 7:00 PM Central Time in our book club.   Our Circle of Light of women are dedicated to heal, and carry more light for ourselves and our planet. We look forward to you joining us. When women heal, so does the family. And as families heal, so will the world.  Let's Talk Soon! Always Victory!!
    Deirdre Burrell, Girls, Let's Talk Host

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    Sisters in Prayer

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    Prophetic Intercession 

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    The Obstacle Is Your Belief System

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    The Obstacle Is Your Belief System. What Are You Buying Into ?
    Obsticles Are A Reflection Of Your Belief System  Purpose Partners  & Mindset  Specific Purpose Partners & Mindset   
    Transportation ?? Partners Meet, Greet, Eat, & Build Partners Location Partners Manufacturing/Building Partners Media Partners Daily Partners  Daily eCommerce Partners  (Daily Project Partners) Steve Harvey 650K Per Months Specific Purpose Partnerships. 9 Friends Specific Purpose Partnerships ???? Boots ?? On The Ground Partners/Hand ? Wealth  Randy Jones Partnerships ? Got A Problem ?  Get A Partner ??????? Got A Big Problem ?  Organize A Team ?

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    Evangelist Betty Harris (ABORTIONS AND MISCARRIAGES)

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    Some women carry the hurt, the pain, and, etc, in their heart after an abortion and after a miscarriage.  The Lord is the only one that can take that pain and hurt away.
    P O BOX 751603, MEMPHIS, TN 38175