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StraightTalk with Ted Santos

Straight Talk with Ted Santos


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More than ever: men are experiencing frustrations with women. The rules of yesterday have quickly changed, and men are unsure how to approach or establish happiness in love relationships with women. Unfortunately, there is no platform for men to come together to discuss these challenges. Ted Santos and Blair Nash have created a platform to fill that void in society. It’s rare for men to have a platform that allows them to discuss life challenges – love, work, and family. Instead, as it’s a learned behavior, most men keep many of their concerns bottled inside. By creating a live call-in radio show through the Internet, ‘Straight Talk’ is a place where men can openly speak about their personal concerns and receive feedback from two professionals – Ted and Blair. Ted Santos is an executive coach and advisor to CEOs of middle market companies. His expertise is also to transform corporate culture. ‘Straight Talk’, which will be broadcast every Sunday from 7:00pm-9:00pm, is a live show. Callers will be coached to find real time solutions to meeting women, dating, relationship challenges or problems in the workplace.

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Abuse in any relationship is unacceptable. According to NIH and Harvard University Medical School, women initiate 70% of domestic violence. However, when you watch any media outlet, it would seem men are the perpetuators of... more

Since the pandemic, there is so much going on in the world. In the true form of disruptive events, there are many new opportunities in this chaos. Most of the times those opportunities depend on your perspective. How are you seeing the... more

Most people are familiar with the term daddy issues. It refers to a woman who grows up without a father in the home. As a result, she may date much older men. It is assumed her dating strategy is a way to fill the void of not having a... more

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When you read magazines targeted to women, you learn what is shaping their minds. Those magazines are filled with tips about fashion, sex and relationships. As a man, if you are experiencing a communication gap between yourself and... more

Behavior and mindset are passed down from one generation to the next. Until someone breaks the cycle, it will self perpetuate. This can be in your best interests or it can sabotage your best efforts. When it comes to relationships,... more

In 1960, the birth control pill was introduced. That was the first step in sexually liberating women. In 1973, Roe vs. Wade made abortion legal. With over a dozen forms of birth control for women and abortion, women have less concerns about... more

For decades, we have heard that women commit and love with all their heart and soul. We are told that it is natural for women to be loving and nurturing. Yet, when we look at who initiates divorce in the US, it becomes difficult to understand... more

Over the past several decades, women have repeatedly defined and described manhood. They instructed men on how to be more masculine. They told them to get in touch with their feminine side and become better at... more