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When I say the system in America is a fraud I mean we have the most corrupt system in the whole wide world. Court system isrigged especially to destroy Blacks.Judges preside over phony trials have you ever being to Berrien County , Michigan. The corruption is so bad it is a dailey routine. Mike Sepic is the most corrupt prosecutor in the history of justice. Judge are not only racist but dishonest.The worst group of people inside any courtroom.
  • by Rev Pinkney
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How could a minister , a man of God in America be arrested and imprison for quoting the Bible? how can this be in America. The land of the free and the home of the brave. This country n

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Since its fancy, the United states has impacted children through the penal establishment. Youth incarceration has taken many different forms , from boarding schools for indigenous children, to instition that aimed to pray the gay away.

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