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5Gcause cancer , scientist understand that the elctronmagnet radiation leaking through the door of our mircowave oven are carcinogenic and therefore can cause cancer. Most of these scientist also that these waves are mutagenic meaning they change the DNA structure of living beings 5Gwill be similar to turning on your microwave , opening its door and leaving it open the rest of your life. There is good reason why hundreds of scientist are taking action. We understand scientist recommend a moratorium on the roll out of the fifth generation, .
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Whirlpool Corporation are poverty pimps, they prey on the poor and and the homeless.whirlpool set its sights on turning the city of Benton Harbor area into a lakeside resort for the wealthy only.

We must continue to fight against the grave imbalance to ensure a humane and just future for people of color , for the homeless, for the poverty stricken for the wear and the beaten populace of America, We must demand that justice be... more

We have over 50 million black people in America. Blacks in America have about 2 Trillion gross national income in America. Only 2 per cent of that money, about 26 billion dollars , is re-circulated in the Black community. The Black Autonomy... more

As victims of sexual assault from the entertainment industry, Silicon Valley, the news business and even the halls of congress have begun to confront their abusers , at least one group mhas remained conspicuously silent. And it's not for... more

Many white people see progress on racism in America, but it is not true. these are people who do not pat attention to household wealth figures. The divide between the wealth of a particularblack family and a typical white familytoday is vast

Woodrow Wilson was 28 th president of the United States . Woodrow Wilson also number among the most racist Americans presidents. The virginia native was aracist, A trait largely overshadowed as president , he oversawed segregation in... more

The cover story of the People Tribune. The corporate tax cut bill that bulldozed through Congress late in 2017 was yet another crushing burden that The 1 percent loaded onto the backs of the American people, millions of whom are... more

The Huffington Post names Thomas Thomas as one of the most racist American presidents of all time. By the time President Jefferson took office in 1801, his all men are created equal was fast becoming a distant memory in the new nation's... more

The case of Rev Edward Pinkney went before the Michigan Supreme Court on November 7, 2017. While supporter came from various parts of the country, the largest contingent came from Flint a city that understands firsthand the the... more

President Lyndon B Johnson who had already pushed through the Civil Rights Act and the voting Rights Act, ignored the kerner report and rejected the Kerner Commission's recommendation. In April 1968, one month after the release of... more
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