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Rap Sessions makes its official return to the airwaves tonight for sound check, new studio and open discussion about whatever is on your mind. Even though I know its Charlottesville. Or North Korea. Or no more filming of police... more

After the recent presidential election a wave of dismay swept across the country, and a large segment of the population was exposed to the naked truth about race relations in the U.S. However, those of us who have always been exposed to... more

The 2016 presidential election is looming ever closer and the rhetoric from both parties is becoming nastier and more personal by the day. Everything from emails to candidates being supported by hate groups, and as always we the people... more

Join us this Sunday, July 24th from 4p-6p EST for this week's edition of Rap Sessions Radio, we will discuss the most recent police shooting of an unarmed person, the fallout from the Republican convention and the fact that the more... more

When you watch or listen to the news in recent days the story of unprecedented violence against Black men by law enforcement is being told in an endless loop of videos and sound bites. However if you talk to many in our community you will... more

Test show, there will be open lines to discuss current events here in the U.S. and around the world. It is hard sometimes to realize that there are other things going on other than whatever you are going through. And we have all been through... more

It's an election year and everywhere you turn its politics 24/7. Debates, town hall meetings and over the top campaign ads inundate us with the candidates messages that will be long forgotten the day after the election. Will the most... more

Some listeners have reported difficulty in finding/listening to a live show. Will use short link for show to log in. Will try on my android phone and on home pc, also evaluate ease of use/ login procedure for the Chat Room.

Today's headlines are filled with stories of war, disease and poverty. And oh yea, the 9000 pound gorilla in the room named Racism, everybody can see this dude but no one wants to talk seriously ABOUT him let alone speak directly TO him.... more

Regardless of how you feel about gay marriage the Supreme Court has made it legal in all states, delighting some and outraging others. The argumensts are literally Biblical in proporttions on both sides of the the issue and the stage is set... more