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The Name

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Gregory Fisher

Gregory Fisher


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When I was a small boy growing up in Wilmington, California–definitely NOT a middle class experience–there was a Baptist church just down the street from our house. I remember it because the sign board outside announced that they were preaching, “The Blood, The Book, The Blessed Hope.” Of course we were Foursquare Gospel people, so we could already snicker up our sleeves about them having “cut off one of the four essential corners” of the Gospel.

But, today I read this quote from Greg Laurie about asking Billy Graham an essential question. “‘Billy, if you knew as a younger preacher what you know today, would you emphasize anything more as a younger preacher than you find yourself emphasizing today? Without missing a beat, he responded, ‘I would preach more on the cross and on the blood. That is where the power is.’”

If I were going to add anything to that statement it would only be this: I would also preach more on the precious Name of Jesus. There is healing, liberating power in that Name!

Ok, I know the cross, the blood, and the Name aren’t popular today. But, I don’t care…because I’ve experienced the power of the Cross in my own life…I’ve seen the power of the blood as I watched people’s lives transformed…and, I know the Name of that one that heals sickness, delivers from demonic oppression and sets the captive free

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