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    DAY 124

    in The Bible

    Okay good morning this is Sister Mona I just pray that any sister that's listening today is doing well let's go and pray Father i just ask for any sister that's listening today that this just really helps her to understand your perfect will and to walk in it to help keep her safe and for her salvation and safekeeping and the salvation and safekeeping for anybody that she's praying for ask all these prayers you father son Jesus name Amen okay so talking about dreams and about how the Holy Spirit is really talking to his church seeing a lot in dreams and ways to understand them better if you are waking up and you kind of remember your dreams but not really it feels like maybe something important might have happen you may want to start including prayer and fasting into your like daily routine or weekly routine because I have seen Spirits sit and try to  inhibit dreams when a person is having especially prophetic dreams okay so that you can forget them and then also to It can be good to have a piece of paper if you feel like God's really talking to you in your dreams and you want to remember them especially if you're having a lot of things like numbers and just or certain words are you're seeing and reading certain things in your dreams where you're just very clear it may be a good idea to just have a piece of paper and write them down when you wake up you see this in the you know I mean in The Book of Daniel he he writes down his dreams records them and things like that in the Bible itself records a lot of Dreams and then also to another thing to be aware of is your reaction in a dream sometimes this can confuse people that dream typically tends to be primarily about what you're hearing ... FULL TRANSCRIPT AT:

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    Fear and MS

    in The Bible

    Fear and MS When I hear people talk about multiple sclerosis, they mostly focus on the physical symptoms or symptoms they can see and relate to. What they don’t see is the profound emotional toll that MS takes on you from the moment you are diagnosed. Before the initial onset of symptoms, you were living your life hoping to fulfill all of life’s dreams and aspirations. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, some devastating onset of symptoms crashes over you like a tidal wave and you are left to pick up the pieces. This is when the fear starts. The fear of the unknown. Wednesday, July 7th @ 12noon est.

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    Going Deeper with Jesus-Scripture Reference Ezekiel 47:4

    in The Bible

    Hello everyone welcome to Reaching Out Radio International, we are a team working together in one mind one accord in love and unity as the body of Christ sharing the Gospel into the world. We share the true message of the cross, never adding to or taking away from the living word of God. 
    We are excited to announce Apostle Roy Wenman, Apostle & Prophet Edward Franklin are kicking off a new program tonight, "Going Deeper with Jesus." Their new program is focused on helping you to enrich your walk with Jesus, digging deep establishing roots in Jesus! We need to have an understanding in fasting, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, operating in the Holy Spirit, these are just some of the things they will teach on. Tonight's scripture reference comes from the book of Ezekiel 47:4. Grab your bible, a pen and paper and get ready to go deeper in Jesus! THESE TWO ARE VERY ANOINTED DEDICATED MEN OF GOD! Their program will be a blessing to many!
    We thank you for listening for your continued prayers and support as we share the Gospel into the world, God Bless You!!

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    Speaker James Bean on The Book of Enoch (part 2) with your Host Royce Benton.

    in The Bible

    Speaker: James Bean
    1) Enoch and the Dead Sea Scrolls: The book of First Enoch was part of the Dead Sea Scrolls Bible -- the Essene Library of Qumran in Israel. First Enoch was included amongst the Dead Sea Scrolls, in fact was one of the most widely read holy books at Qumran (400 BC -- 70 AD). This observation is based upon the large number of Aramaic Enoch fragments that have been found there. Many Jews were studying Enoch before and during the time of Jesus.2) Jude Quoted Enoch in the New Testament: The author of the Book of Jude quoted First Enoch in his New Testament epistle (letter), a great canonical endorsement for the Book of Enoch by the Original Jesus Movement. The Bibles that bare the most resemblance to the Scriptures of Jude and the Original Aramaic-speaking Christians is the Ethiopian Bible, as well as the Dead Sea Scrolls-Essene-Qumran Bible. Jude not only quotes from Enoch, but also from the Assumption of Moses. Both Enoch and Assumption of Moses were recognized as Scripture by the Essenes; see more on the Ethiopian Bible below. In addition to Jude, Biblical scholars also have noticed many parallel verses and shared ideas between the New Testament and Book of Enoch, illustrating how influential the Book of Enoch was on Jesus, the authors of the Gospels and other New Testament books. The Book of First Enoch is an important key foundational text of early Christianity. 3) The early Church father Tertullian Referred to Enoch as "Scripture": The Early Church father Tertullian quotes passages from the Book of Enoch, referring to these passages as "Scripture". The Epistle of Jude (verse 14) is also appealed to by Tertullian as a testimonial to the authority of Enoch

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    The Rejected King

    in The Bible

    Have we ever really received the Lord as our King or do we do what was done in days of old, reject Him as King? Let's talk about it this Saturday morning at 7;30am on my show, It Is Written.

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    How Do You Identify Sin in Your Life

    in The Bible

    We are living in the world where a person's Idenity is so important even before a new born baby is released from the hospital. After being born in America, the child is given a social security number, to identify them as the child gets older. Some people even try to steal your idenity. For some type of material, pysical gain. Many of us try very hard to keep our identity from being stolen or damaged. Join my guest and I (Pastor Steven Cooper). 
    Show starts at: 7:00PM CST & 8:00PM EST.
    We appreciate your support through prayer and gifts of love.

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    Host Pastor Elect Kisshima Douglas & Guest Pastor Tonja Eckles

    in The Bible

    Join me 8am until 10am 563-999-3628 press 1 to speak or get prayer.
     Philippians 4:19

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    Were Honoring Our Men Thats Right Facts That We Would Be No Where Without Them

    in The Bible

    Todays show is horoing our men. understanding the freedom day Juneteeth. 
    I found this Father's Day poem and it reminded me of the true value of being a Father!
    On the day I was born I met you, Dad. Over the first few years, I learned
    you were strong and always there. As I grew a few years older, I could remember you leaving home.
    I'd say, “Daddy where are you going?” “I have to go to work.” you used to respond. I was very sad. I didn’t understand.
    You would “go to work” almost every day. You were almost always gone.
    I didn’t understand.I can still hear you saying, "I have to go to work - I love you."
    and perhaps silently hoping..."maybe one day you’ll understand." You worked hard. We always had enough. I couldn’t understand.
    As I grew even older, you provided experiences and opportunities. From being on teams to going to camps,
    I made new friends and learned a lot.I repeatedly changed my mind, but I always excelled.
    I’m grown now. I work hard - like you did. I have children of my own. I spend more time with them. because of you, I can.
    Thanks Dad, now I understand.
    Happy Fathers Day 
    Lady Liberty was created with shackles broken chains in her left hand. But later changed to beneath her feet, an homage to the end of slavery. But they’re not all that visible, like to somehow change the narrative and hide what was to the end of slavery. Yes, tonight show will be about Juneeeeth.the end of slavery 1865 in my home state Texas.
    As I honor my ancestors from my great grandparents who after slavery brought land and struck oil and received 10k a week. But when my Great grandfather John Merriwether die, they were robbed of their oil and wealth. But he listed in museum in Luling Texas as the first black oil man. Reparation now. 

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    Sunday Morning Service

    in The Bible

    Sunday Morning Service

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    Why Your Prayers Aren't Getting You A Breakthrough!!! ( Part 2 )

    in The Bible

    Minister Myrene Wise will share on "Why Your Prayers Aren't Getting You A Breakthrough!!! Part 2 of 2 part series:" Praying amiss! Praying power in numbers! Praying with absolute faith! Praying in the spirit! Tune in( 516)387-1471
    Prayer is the greatest human privilege we have in our lives! Prayers revive your heart's commitment each time you pray!  Prayer is also a unique place where we experience the breadth and depth of the Christian life!
    (part 1)
    1. First fundamental- what is prayer? 2. How should we pray? 3. Types of prayer
    (part 2)  Are your prayers being heard? How to get a "Breakthrough" through pray!