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The Socially Incorrect Talk Show is a worldwide broadcast by Ms. Cyndi, a life coach, a motivational speaker, and mentor. Ms. Cyndi doesn't worry about saying the "proper" thing.... she says the things people need to hear! She will take the members of her audience on a journey discussing everything from corporate suites to the streets...addressing everyday issues that others think and wouldn't dare speak. Ms. Cyndi WILL give the people, what they NEED and NOT what they WANT! Her hilarious style and insight will add a touch of humor as sensitive issues are discussed and potential resolutions are provided. The Socially Incorrect Talk Show will help you get your mind right! The show airs weekly on Tuesday at 8PM (est).

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Should the noncustodial parent have a say in the child's life? If the mother was to marry someone other than the father shortly after birth who's last name should the child have...the mothers, fathers or the husband? If the father isn't paying child... more

According to Donald Sterling Plantation Politics Blacks are only worthy to be in his presence if they are making him money...Or available for sex. ie his former girlfriend he didn't know was Black and Mexican. The ultimate question is is he... more

Reservation are being made at state prison's for our children and many of don't even realize it! Tune in 4-8-14 at 8p EST by dialing 858-956-2114 or log in to www.blogtalkradio.com/mscyndi.

Tonight's show has been canceled. Please join us next Tuesday at 8p.

Tattoos, Piercings, and names like Faqunda how do they affect life opportunities? Join us 3-18-14 at 8p EST as we talk about how people place others in a box based upon their perception. To weigh in dial 858-956-2114.

Does going to church make you a good person? And if you choose not to attend church does that make you a bad person? Let's talk about it Tuesday march 11, 2014 at 8p EST. Dial 858-956-2114 to to weigh in or to listen to the show.

Why is it that black people will fight each other but they won't fight to stop injustices that affects blacks? Why do US Citizens send money to other country's to feed the hungry when according to studies 42% of the US population... more

Which is a priority for you? Join us 2-25-14 at 8p EST as we talk about what's acceptable and by whom when it comes to relationships, kids and the concept of family. Weigh in/ or listen to the show by dialing 858-956-2114.

Join us 2-18-14 at 8p EST as we talk about current events and basic facts that everyone should know. Weigh in by dialing 858-956-2114.

How are Blacks being affected by this economic crisis? And what can be done to make positive change in the black community. Weigh in Tuesday 2-11-14 at 8p EST. Call 858-956-2114 to listen in or go to www.blogtalkradio.com/mscyndi.
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