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    A Chat with JOSHUA- Minister Travis Bush

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    ~He travels either by way of career or ministry declaring the gospel through the lifestlye he lives.A young man on fire for the LORD. Infused with compassion and determinaton, Travis "Bishop" Bush launches out in the Spirit of JOSHUA. He is a singer, worship leader, husband of one wife, devoted and faithful servant to the call of GOD. His compassion is oftentimes felt through his worship and ministering.

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    HOW TO MAINTAIN PEACE WITH A FULL PLATE with your host, Nashawn Turner

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    Life comes at all of us and sometimes without notice in order for us to try and prepare to handle it. Often times we are not prepared, so instead we have to readjust in order to maintain our peace so that we can function with yet a full plate of LIFE. How do you do that? Well, stay tune to the show as I share "3 Ways to Maintain Peace" when life is threatening to stop you in your tracks, hold you hostage, and cause you to lose your peace. 
    Call into the show and share what your thoughts or questions are regarding this topic. Call 215-383-3846 to be on the show live!
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    Website: www.nashawnturner.com
    Check me out on Twitter: @Nashawn_Turner 
    Facebook: Nashawn Turner-Uniquely Designed Coaching
    Instagram: nashawnlifecoach

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    Conscious Connection Interviews Vesna Matic for Venus Rising Series

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    Spirituality is at the core of everything Vesna does.  She works with people on a one on one basis as well as takes people on spiritual journeys.  Her goal for you is to Breaking Free of Barriers, take Spiritual Journeys also personalized Individual Work
    The Wachuma ceremony that will be held April 28th-30th in Sedona as well as the trip to Peru. Currently having a special that when a person proves they have bought their airplane ticket I'll pay up to $639!  How spirituality and psychology are intertwined and why I incorporate both when working with people. www.visionsforlife.org/sedonaretreat
    My free offer is on the website visionsforlife.org.  I will have a 20 minute free session with anyone who schedules time with me.
    Vesna Matic is the owner and founder of Visions For Life.  She has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Master's Level Clinical Psychologist.  She's also a Pranic Healer and Ordained Minister.  Vesna has been in the field for over 25 years and helped hundreds of men and women.  You can find Vesna at visionsforlife.org or by calling (928) 289-6692.

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    Heal Me! Help Me to Heal! Overcoming Past Hurts Pt4, Accept and Move On!

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    Join the conversation with Dr. Charlene, Prophetess Samantha, Minister Tricia & Prophetess Servola as we discuss overcoming past hurts to pursue your destiny. Have you isolated yourself from those who love you because you've told yourself its too painful to talk about and know one really understands anyway? Don't be dismayed; you're on the road to overcoming that hurt. Join in as we take you past bargaining and depression.  After the storm, you have to move on.  No, it's not easy and what happened may not have been your fault, but you have to now accept the new reality without allowing the hurt to stop your forward momentum.  After moving through denial, anger, bargaining and depression, this week, we'll discuss why you must accept what happened, how you can make the necessary adjustments to the new reality and though you've been hurt, you are stronger than the pain and you can move on to fulfill a healthy and peaceful life.  Join the conversation today on Women CAMP!

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    Egypt E in the AM - The Monday Train — How 'bout dem resources?

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    Getting your grind week started with some good vibes and lots of L-O-V-E! Join Egypt English for your LoveTrip of the week, and find out how valuing your every resource, good and unfortunate, will decimate your stress!  
    Extended Musical Feature: 
    Tell Somebody - Zep Hurme  Musical Features
    Kool-Aid - King Frank Good Day - Alex Beroza  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
    The Morning Message for the Monday Train:
    All that you have—is enough.

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    Gospel 4 The Soul Radio

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    Let's put a praise on it "TONIGHT" as we call the devil out for everything he stands for!!
    Welcome to "Gospel 4 The Soul Radio," where its all about worshiping God, and His "amazing" glory! ..Authoress Carolyn B is about to take ya'll to church with a variety of your all time favorite gospel track, for three full hours. All that's left to do now is click that play button and let the spirit and musical sounds... take you there! If you have a prayer request or inspirational message you'd like to share with the world, feel free to chime @ 319-527-6171. Presented by the popular Diversity Of The Minds Radio. Where entertainment is 'ANYTHING' but normal!

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    21 Insights to Thriving & Prosperity Series Insight 21

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    21 Insights to Thriving & Prosperity Series Insight 21 with host Michele Howe Clarke. www.faceforwardyou.com

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    Dr. Ray Hagins & Dr. Joy DeGruy in Houston, TX

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    Dr. Ray Hagins, Chief Elder of the "Afrikan Village & Culture Center" along with Dr. Joy DeGruy, Acclaimed Author of Post traumatic Slave Syndrome make their way to the Shrine of the Black Madonna Cultural & Event Center here in Houston, TX. May 13-14, 2016.
    Dr. Hagins will speak on the detrimental effects of strategic misdirection and intentional ambiguity, and the imperative necessity on recognizing how they prevent the elevation of mind and spirit within our communities.
    Dr. DeGruy. as she speaks for the first time EVER in Houston, TX. will be exposing America's history of the enslavement of African Americans and how everyone can heal and overcome the trangressions of the past.
    Join us for this episode as we speak with Dr. Ray Hagins and Dr. Joy DeGruy in preparation for this phenomenal event!
    For Ticket Information, Go To: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/dr-ray-hagins-dr-joy-degruy-from-slave-to-success-tickets-23955664036?aff=eac2 
    Let's Get Ready To Evolve Into Higher Consciousness...

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    Where Does Truth-Telling Fit In To Our Democracy?

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    Anastasia's radio show program of yesterday had its fallout, after the broadcast. Anastasia returns late this afternoon to share the aftermath and what that show, "The Truth Will Set Us Free"  has already been teaching her in less than twenty-four hours!

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    Date: April 5th
    Call in Number: 619-924-0736
    In todays' society, we often overlook the challenges that our young people are faced with day to day. We become insensitive to all the barriers they have to overcome. Most of our communities are plagued with gun violence, lack of mentoring or role models. Our Youth are targeted not only by gangs but also by those who have sworn to serve and protect them, the schools that are designed to educate our Youth teach them about history but none of that history involve their cultures or about their ancestors. The voices of our youth often ring silent, their accomplishments go unpraised and unrecognized, and their struggles forgotten. Instead of screaming from the top of our lungs not on our watch, not in our community because of work and what we identify as priorities and obligations we're forced to watch as this new generation hurdle pitfalls and move mountains as best practices. Today we are going to be hearing from a group of young Lions and Lioness who call themselves OUTKAST. They live in a diversified area in San Diego California called City Heights. In this episode entitled WHO WE ARE we will hear the true definition of commitment, trauma and strength and SURVIVAL. Make sure you are listening on April 5th 1:30 call and ask questions at 619-924-0736

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