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Just A Story Urban Legend Podcast

Just A Story: Urban Legend Podcast


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A weekly podcast taking a look at the stories that we tell over and over again. What our myths and misdeeds, fears and fables say about us as humans.

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There are moments when stories transcend geographic and culturally borders, and touch on something fundamentally and universally human. The persistent idea of changelings across Europe, and the ogbanje and abiku... more

The story of 'The Lost Bride', sometimes called 'The Mistletoe Bride', blurs the line between classic folklore and urban legend. It's one of the older stories that still finds relevancy and wide transmissions today. Transmitted as a series... more

Is there any more well known cryptid in modern lore than Bigfoot? The elusive forest dweller must have one incredible agent. Featured on multiple television programs, Internet channels, and countless books; Bigfoots are an odd kind of... more

What good is a love story without a little danger? Tales of star-crossed lovers do certainly seem to endure the tests of time, if they have a good dose of mortal peril in the mix. Romance means many things to many different people, and... more

This week, we're asking, is it just a movie? We will be taking a look at the 1976 horror classic, "The Omen." Like many movies in this genre, there is an incredible amount of lore about the making of the film itself. Also, like many now classic... more

Angels are an intriguing idea. They're ethereal beings who are like us, but maybe, just a little better than we are. They have our best interests at heart, they have wings, and they have a direct line to the supernatural, or the divine, or the... more

In the Autumn of 1944, in the small town of Mattoon, Illinois, people were afraid. They weren't afraid of bombs falling from the night sky without warning, or losing loved ones and how they'd get by on their own if something happened, or... more

Imagine realizing you are worth more dead than you are alive; that there was a market for your corpse; that you might never be allowed to rest in peace, even after death. These are the ideas that drive the legend of Needle Men. The... more

There is something infinitely fascinating about the idea of children who have grown up outside of the constructs of society. These individuals have taken on legendary status over the centuries, from Romulus and Remus to Mowgli and... more

Where do people go when they disappear? The idea that a person can just vanish is inarguably mysterious, and that element of mystery seems to capture the public imagination each time such an event is reported. One line of conjecture that... more