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Just A Story Urban Legend Podcast

Just A Story: Urban Legend Podcast


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A weekly podcast taking a look at the stories that we tell over and over again. What our myths and misdeeds, fears and fables say about us as humans.

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When we think of Hawaii, here on the mainland, we might imagine hula dancers in grass skirts. We might think of movies like Lilo and Stitch or Jurassic Park (it was filmed there, look it up). We might have googled photos of a certain shirtless... more

Mothers are meant to guide, nurture and protect their children. We look to their love as a model for selfless giving and unending devotion. But there are bad Mothers out there. There are women who do the unthinkable to their own... more

The circus is an American institution. It's a carnival of thrills and wonder that crisscrosses the country. The circus coming to town might be the highlight of the year. Breaking the monotony in even the most far-flung towns, the colorful... more

Dolls are symbols of childlike innocence; visions of idealized beauty suspended in time. They are treasured companions, well-loved playthings, sweet mementoes. Wait. No. What the hell am I saying. Dolls are HELLA creepy. But why? How did... more

The legend of "The Babysitter and the Man Upstairs" is one of the most widely circulated, well known urban legends in modern history. This week we ask why this story has such staying power and how it relates to real,... more

From the classic pithy one-liners just before the gavel sting on Law & Order to the antics of Andy and Barney in Mayberry, it seems like we, as a culture, have agreed that even when dealing with something as serious as crime and... more

Humanity has long been certain that the sky is falling. We've basically been predicting the end of the world since it began. From Nostradamus to Y2K, the doomsday predictions have been as varied as they have been persistent. This... more

The bond between guest and host is ancient and sacred one. Hospitality has always been considered a virtuous undertaking, in fact, opening your home to travelers and friends was at one time expected, if not demanded. But what... more

Thomas DeQuincy first wrote this week's titular essay "On Murder Considered as one of the Fine Arts" in 1827 as satire, but after almost two centuries; it seems old Tom may have been the herald of a genuine cultural phenomenon. There are... more

Charles de Gualle once said, ?The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.? He may have a point. We seem to love stories about dogs, but as we do here on this podcast, we have to ask what does that say about... more