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Jim Peters At Night

Jim Peters At Night


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This is the audio feed from popular podcaster Jim Peters internet TV show JIM PETERS AT NIGHT, broadcast live Monday thru Thursday at 11 PM Eastern / 8 PM Pacific simultaneously on six popular platforms - including live audio-only on BlogTalkRadio. Jim is known for conservative news analysis and for his crackpot UFO theories - and in a talkshow first, he takes VIDEO phone calls from the public. Go to jimatnight.com to call in, or dial 563-999-3435.

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"Together Again - For The First Time!"... it's the ATNIGHT TAG TEAM! JEFF MEYER from Conk News and JENNIFER OLIVER O'CONNELL from RedState join forces to illuminate and entertain you with their collective take on today's... more

MARC MORANO from ClimateDepot.com joins us to talk about the COP 28 summit (like Marc says, that's not a bachelorette party...) and the grift that is climate change. Plus: the Colorado Supreme Court has now decided who you... more

While we weren't looking, our colleges produced a bunch of social justice warriors that also happen to be stupid as f**k. Plus, the new Bing chatbot suffers from "hallucinations" - just what we need: a computer overlord that's *daydreaming*!... more

Turns out Harvard's president is a serial plagiarizer - so they changed the definition of plagiarism to accommodate her. And she's all for freedom of speech - unless it's speech criticizing her. Are *all* American institutions now inherently... more

Jim figures you're as sick of news about incompetent college presidents as he is - so we're going with more UFO news this Monday night. Call up and tell him about the UFOs you've seen: https://jimatnight.com/call/ to call in (and you can even... more

RedState.com and "AsTheGirlTurns" columnist JENNIFER OLIVER O'CONNELL joins us to discuss life and times as only she can. Plus: Did you know it takes *97,000* people to discuss what the world should do about the climate? - and... more

There hasn't been a lot of UFO news lately - but just in the past couple weeks there's been boatloads, and Jim talks about all that tonight. And you can join him in the discussion by going to https://jimatnight.com/call/ and clicking the big... more

You couldn't fake the moon landing - or could you? You couldn't fake Obama's birth certificate - or could you? Jim doesn't buy either one of these things... but we make a lot of assumptions when we consume news - and maybe, just maybe,... more

City council meeting, tree lighting ceremony... they're bring their social justice wars to you - and they're idiots. Plus: Cher doesn't like her own voice - but we do (even though she's nuts). Call in to talk to Jim - and the world - by going to... more

The President keeps saying that economically everything is fine - but he doesn't go grocery shopping, does he? Jim has often said that Biden's problem isn't that he's senile - it's that he's delusional, and always has been.... Join the show by... more