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Jim Peters At Night

Jim Peters At Night


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This is the audio feed from popular podcaster Jim Peters internet TV show JIM PETERS AT NIGHT, broadcast live Monday thru Thursday at 11 PM Eastern / 8 PM Pacific simultaneously on six popular platforms - including live audio-only on BlogTalkRadio. Jim is known for conservative news analysis and for his crackpot UFO theories - and in a talkshow first, he takes VIDEO phone calls from the public. Go to jimatnight.com to call in, or dial 563-999-3435.

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On tonight's show, Jim welcomes back "The AtNight Dynamic Duo" - JENNIFER OLIVER O'CONNELL from RedState.com and JEFF MEYER from Conk.com - to discuss Iowa, Cali's AB5 going national, the World Economic Forum, and "Trad... more

Tonight HotAir.com Associate Editor DAVID STROM joins Jim to discuss anything and everything - the Iowa caususes, the Minnesota weather, and especially, what's up with the despicable mainstream media? MSNBC refuses to air... more

Jim had a crappy day today - because it's almost as cold in Minneapolis as it is in Iowa. But by the time we go live at 11 PM Eastern / 10 PM Central, we should have results from the Iowa caucuses. Plus. economist extraordinaire DR.... more

Tonight Jim talks with his "brother from another mother", HotAir.com Weekend Editor JAZZ SHAW, about Hunter Biden, the campaign, the anti-Israeli protesters, Boeing airplanes and UFOs. Plus, it really is true: conservatives are actually... more

Michelle Obama says she's "terrified" about Biden losing. We're terrified that he might win... Also: No one knew SecDef Austin had prostate cancer. And: Jim thinks Senator Menendez might be being set up. All this on Monologue Monday... more

Jim talks with CONK! News CEO and Publisher JEFF MEYER about the state of the economy and the upcoming elections. Speaking of elections: The Dems trot out Dark Brandon for the duration - because the problem with the country is... more

In our continuing fight to bring you news that's important to your life, we check in with SANTA CLAUS after his historic 24-hour run, to see how he's doing. Plus: last night we told you that Claudine Gay was out as president or Harvard, but... more

Dat be Claudine Gay, the president of Harvard, who resigned - but not because she's a cheating, plagiaristic a**hole. And: Congress and the President - but mostly the President - bails on the UFO disclosure act. Jim brings it all for you... more

A short show tonight, to discuss our upcoming year, and to make a big announcement. We promise not to mention the people who got abducted by aliens over the holidays at all.... But we're still live! Call us with your new year's... more

Santa couldn't make it (we'll explain), but Jim nonetheless ends the year, and his first five months on the tube, with a messge of love and reconciliation for you and your family. We'll be back on Monday night, January 1st. Thanks so much for... more