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Dead City Radio with King Edward Undead


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A show about the juicy stuff with your host King Edward Undead. Join us as we talk about random stuff that goes on in the world and on the Internet. Every weekday @ 10:00 pm CST. We also have shows like True Penguin Radio with Peter the Penguin and Real Talk with Jacob Green. Follow King Edward Undead on Twitter @KingEdUndead and Jacob Green @mlp_Bristle. And make sure to follow our network.

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Tonight's topics: LeafyIsHere vs. iDubbbz Keemstar changes his ways A new era coming earlier than expected? (Devolution in logos and ideals) Predictions on next Monday's Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump... more

Tonight, Hinklism will spread across the land. On this first episode of Church of King Edward Undead, we will talk about the basics of being a Hinklist and what you can do to share this religion with your friends. Tonight's sermon will be... more

Tonight we are introducing a new character. His name is P?????_?e??d??e?_???r?? ???????T????h????e????? ?P?_??e??????n???????g?_?u???????i???n?? and he will be a delightful... more

Tonight, King Edward Undead will do a rant about kids on Musical.ly. And Doctor Bristle gets roasted by the legendary, MindlessGonzo on Tumblr. Ghost shares his predictions about the upcoming U.S presidential debate. Other topics are... more

Tonight's news: #NoChin spreads around as Leafy loses subscribers. And the guy to thank is IDubbbzTV. Former U.S. President, George W. Bush visited Elkhart, IN for a meeting yesterday. He visited, Republican Senate Candidate,... more

Welcome one, welcome all to the first episode of Dead City Radio, proudly hosted by King Edward Undead. But yeah, shit's gonna go down tonight!!!

Today will mark the last time I ever do Real Talk with Eddie Hinkle. However, tonight at midnight, I will be hosting the first Dead City Radio broadcast on the Internet. This will be a show where I rant and rave about different subject... more

Tonight, I am inviting my niggas (Ghost's Inner Circle) to my show for tonight to talk about important topics.

Random party on this Bathhouse Thursday! Celebrating my official membership into the Ghost Inner Circle!

As the new academic year begins, Peter the Penguin is struggling over whether to quit his show, but his loyal fans (if any) wanted him to continue airing his show on Real Talk. Eddie Hinkle is also struggling with this as he plans to decentralize... more