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A show about the juicy stuff with your host King Edward Undead. Join us as we talk about random stuff that goes on in the world and on the Internet. Every weekday @ 10:00 pm CST. We also have shows like True Penguin Radio with Peter the Penguin and Real Talk with Jacob Green. Follow King Edward Undead on Twitter @KingEdUndead and Jacob Green @mlp_Bristle. And make sure to follow our network.

On-Demand Episodes

Tonight, we will be doing a Soda Battle between Mountain Dew Baja Blast and Mountain Dew Voltage.

Tonight, we are going to talk about the random Baited! debate that went on between Keemstar and LeafyIsHere. Other topics are TBA.

Tonight, we will talk about the Second Presidential Debate and the war the will go live on tonight's Baited! podcast. The verbal smackdown will be, one of the hosts of Baited! and host of DramaAlert, Killer Keemstar facing up against, the no... more

Tonight, we will talk about the war that broke out this morning between CelticIbanCrew and Ghost. And possibly an interview with CelticIbanCrew.

Tonight, there is a party going on and we will celebrate 10 episodes of Dead City Radio with the following news, topics, and announcements: Thoughts on the VP Debate between Tim Kaine and Mike Pence. LeafyIsHere apologizes to... more

Tonight's show will be all about the end of LeafyIsHere and my official rant on Leafy.

Since the first presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton continue battling each other over key battleground states, knowing that this year's general election is closer than they think. The vice presidential debate is going to take... more

Tonight, we have a load for you guys: The Internet will possibly get taken over Rant on Tub Guy Worshipers Rant on Bronies Other fucking news and possible rants...

Tonight's topics: Roasting G Freedom Radio Pyrocynical mentions Ghost (True Capitalist Radio) Who won the first debate? Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump? Keemstar causes YouTubers that got popular from Keemstar rant videos to lose... more

Tonight's topics are as follows: The first U.S. Presidential Debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Diet Pepsi (Regular Recipe) vs. Diet Pepsi (Classic 2000s Recipe) Another Doctor Bristle Roast And other shit