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Lost Secrets; Light Visible

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Is it possible we have evidence handed to us that reveals the lost secret of freemasonry?  Is it then possible we are closing our eyes to the light we seek?

I suggest finding the secret requires a concoction made of fragments of history, philosophy and fraternity blended in such a way to produce an alchemists dream.

Is it enough to explain the application of freemasonry as the application of philosphical understanding?  If that should turn out to be the case, then it would be plausible there are many roads to understanding.

Am I correct to think whether a man is articulate or of few words, well cultivated or rough, it is possible they mind nevertheless holds potential far beyond what is being displayed?

For instance, if we collectively envision masonic education to suit our own purpose, we are sure to marginal people who look at things differently.

Let those who are able to cultivate the arts do so.  But have different starting points for those whose definition of the arts has a different level of refinement.

Can we move forward if we describe what we see happening around us; starting points as varied as the personality that are made a freemasonry. I subscribe to the notion the 1st degree is a figurative death of ego and birth of insight. Others will convince us the degrees are literal- so one dies, enters purgetory where he studies the arts and sciences and finally enlightenment.

The only wrongness with this is when we impose a stop order on the dissenting opinion.  While our minds whirl into conflicts and comprehensions, our world is full of inconsistencies of which the freemason is a part