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Jesus came to bring us abundant life yet so few find it. Join us for prayers and fellowship as we seek healing, deliverance and truly find life abundant.

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The Bible gives us several warnings in the scripture about serving Idols - from the Ten Commandments to the New Testatment we are warned about serving other Gods. In the Old Testament, it was idols that people carried into their homes.... more

Wake up sleepy Christian! Too many Christian have been lulled to sleep today by Satan and the things of this world. But the Bible says the lusts of the flesh, the lusts of the eyes, and the pride of life and all who are caught up in them... more

The King of Kings is coming again. He is coming to destroy those that do not believe and he is coming to promote those that do. Holiness is what is required to see him, and Holiness comes from his grace alone. Those who say they... more

True religion is to keep yourself unspotted from the world. Jesus Christ came so that we would keep growing day by day, each day closer to himself. May this message encourage you to move closer to him and be more like him in Jesus... more

Jesus Christ said there are many called but only few chosen. Most Christians don't give this much thought, but they should. What did Jesus mean? What does it mean to be called but not chosen? How does this happen? Can it be avoided? Is... more

Behold, he makes all things new! Our God is the God of the New. Even nature itself teaches us that all things become new and our God is making all things new in his time. In the beggining he made all things new, and in then end, he will... more

Are you free? Truly free? Over the course of human history, many people have died for the sake of freedom. Freedom from tyrrany, freedom from opression, fredom from slavery, fredom from abuses of all kinds. And history is loaded with... more

Life is full of disappointment. For a man or woman of God trials are on every side. This Christian walk is a difficult way. Are you staring at some mountains in your life? Does Satan have you down, discouraged, and in dispair? Don't listen... more

To be filled with God, we must be in a constant state of repentance asking God for a renewal of our mind and spirit. It is our heavenly fathers plan to walk in the spirit and thereby not giving in to the lusts of the flesh. The main enemy of this... more

Many in the church today are puzzled by the Apostle Paul's statement in Timothy when he said, "...Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief". Was he admitting to being the cheif sinner, as a born again, Spirit filled... more