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Gathering of the Saints Radio


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Jesus came to bring us abundant life yet so few find it. Join us for prayers and fellowship as we seek healing, deliverance and truly find life abundant.

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Tonight we take a closer look at founder of Islam and so called prophet of Allah, Muhammad. We will look at his life and teachings. Was a peaceful or violent man? Was he pervert or just misunderstood? And what about is "convenient... more

Jesus Christ was a mighty man of miracles, help, and deliverance to his people. Today many people say how things would be if Jesus Christ were here on earth. If Jesus were here, wouldn't there be miracles, helps and deliverance in... more

Was Mohamed a prophet of God? Is the true God of all living things Allah? Is the Koran the Word of God? Are Allah and Jehovah the same God with different names? Can one make it to heaven through Islam? Jesus Christ say about... more

As Christians, we must be ready at all times to be ready to meet our God. Friend, are you ready to meet him if you were to leave this earth? The only way we can answer that question truthfully is if we are already dead. The only way to be... more

Spiritually, our walks are like gardens. God expects us to have weeded, dressed, watered and fruitful gardens. Sometimes when we aren't careful our garden gets overrun with weeds and briars. What does your garden look like right now? Are... more

Saints of God, In these last days, we need to know our God. Do you know God? Or better yet, does he know you. If you are known of God, his ears are open to your cry and he will deliver you. let us be known of God as he is our only... more

The phrase "Judge Not" is echoed over and over again today among the elect. The slightest attempt to talk about sin is usually met with "don't judge me". Is this what God had in mind for the Church? Is this popular phrase even biblically... more

As Christians, we have ebbs and flows to our walk with Christ. Sometimes, we find ourselves in the heights of revelation while we live and breath the promises of God while at other times we find ourselves surprised at the levels to which we... more

Are you ugly? Does that question offend you? What do you look like? There is a strong drive today to be beautiful in the eyes of men. But I'm not talking about in the physical realm. Spiritually speaking, what do you look like? How does God... more

Are you pleasing to God? Do you hold the testimony of Jesus Christ? Many people, including Christians resist the Holy Ghost. Stubbornness is as the sin of witchcraft! God wants you to resist sin, not Him! Join brother Jim in the Bible... more