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Die Drachenhöhle


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Note: I am no longer with Renegade Broadcasting as they were taken over by the SPLC or ADL, maybe both. I am not doing any shows at this time. I hope to resume doing shows sometime in 2020. Spiritual Satanism (Sanatana Dharma, aka Eternal Truth) / LHP (Non-hebrew) multi-topical Spiritual Occultism, Paleo-Paganism, Western Civilization, History, Archaeology, National Socialism (Political Satanism), Third Reich, Blacksun, Southern Confederacy, Texas, Political Judaism Analyzed, Eclectic (non LaVey or reverse christian) Spiritual Satanism, Nietzschean Philosophy, Joy of Satan, ONA, the Paranormal & any related subjects such as the never christian Knights Templars, Order of New Templars, Runes, Third Reich, Odinism / Norse, RH Negative blood, non-hebrew Freemasonry (aka Babylonian Mystery Religion) & Astro-theology, the never hebrew Dragon Court, Luciferianism, Druids, English Gematria, non corrupted Hinduism / Veddic / Primordial Buddhism / Bon, Gerdjief, Theozoology, Blavatsky, comparative religion, ancient Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Scythia, India & Egypt, etc., etc., etc. Old shows at Renegade Broadcasting are here:

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Andrew Jackson Part 1 Must listen: Andrew Jackson's Farewell Address

The National Socialist War on Christianity Part 2 of ? "I will never allow anyone to divide this people once more into religious camps, each fighting the other." -- Adolf Hitler "I will crush Christianity under my boot like a poisonous toad."... more

More on the Numerology of 9/11 The book of Jewish Witchcraft, the "Holy" Bible Christianity, Communism, the Jews & the Bible Christianity & Mind Control Regarding Christian Mind Control, watch this video for PROOF... more

Jehovah the Homosexual + Some Rants

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Commentary on Darwinism. (Jews push Darwinism & Christianity.) Nietzsche's Will to Power YES, man is part of nature. NO, man is not just another animal. The chakras are the powerful energy centers of the soul. Each one has a separate... more

Got my year wrong on the show date! This is a special edition of Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas. Texas Part 5 of ? This is the fifth of a series of unknown length (number of shows) designed to inform & educate the... more

HP Maxine Dietrich of the Joy of Satan - Christianity & Communism Pt. 2 The Inquisition (PC but worth watching): Jews aided the Moors in... more

HP Maxine Dietrich of the Joy of Satan - Christianity & Communism Pt. 1 The Inquisition (PC but worth watching): Jews aided the Moors in... more
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