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Note: I am no longer with Renegade Broadcasting as they were taken over by the SPLC or ADL, maybe both. I am not doing any shows at this time. I hope to resume doing shows sometime in 2020. Spiritual Satanism (Sanatana Dharma, aka Eternal Truth) / LHP (Non-hebrew) multi-topical Spiritual Occultism, Paleo-Paganism, Western Civilization, History, Archaeology, National Socialism (Political Satanism), Third Reich, Blacksun, Southern Confederacy, Texas, Political Judaism Analyzed, Eclectic (non LaVey or reverse christian) Spiritual Satanism, Nietzschean Philosophy, Joy of Satan, ONA, the Paranormal & any related subjects such as the never christian Knights Templars, Order of New Templars, Runes, Third Reich, Odinism / Norse, RH Negative blood, non-hebrew Freemasonry (aka Babylonian Mystery Religion) & Astro-theology, the never hebrew Dragon Court, Luciferianism, Druids, English Gematria, non corrupted Hinduism / Veddic / Primordial Buddhism / Bon, Gerdjief, Theozoology, Blavatsky, comparative religion, ancient Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Scythia, India & Egypt, etc., etc., etc. Old shows at Renegade Broadcasting are here:

On-Demand Episodes

President Andrew Jackson's Farewell Address - March 1837: Focus on Banking, Money, Finance and Commerce. I have an article on Modern Day Slavery (monopoly crony capitalism and globalization, aka - communism) that I am going... more

The God Virus: How Religion acts as a 'Mind Virus' and 'Infects' our Lives and Culture.

We all know about the exoteric or the so-called 'mythology'. What about the esoteric? Commentary on the Irminsul & Norse Spirituality / Asatru / Odinism / Wotanism. The Neo-Odinist / Neo-Wotanist & Neo-Asatru movements lack an... more

Commentary on Wicca, the word 'Celt', Neo-Paganism, the New Age Movement & Karma. The phrases "We are all one", "all is one & one is all" is nonsense. Equal & opposite reactions are not karma. Physics has no delayed responses.... more

Midsummer - The Summer Solstice Celebration 666. A short commentary on Jews. Why was Hypatia Murdered? Why Luciferians Hate Christians & Christianity. Pagan Jesus. This show will have a sequal to wrap it all up. Note: I... more

I will continue with Stupidanity

Christians are clearly RETARDED. Christianity's Retarded Beliefs are the cause of America's & our Race's problems. Also time permitting, but will probably go into another show: Founders as Masons / more on the Third Reich & Christianity /... more

Christianity (Stupidanity) was the topic of the week on Renegade Broadcasting, Beltane & The Feast of Valbörg.

The Truth about Martin Luther King, Jr. Part... more

The Jewish Creation & Control over Hollywood. I will be discussing how these scumbags ripped off Edison's invention, how they treated Walt Disney, as well as the relationship between Howard Hughes and Walt Disney. I will also cover... more
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