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Motivation, Organization, Lifestyle Design - Clear the clutter to make room for your dreams!

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What is Hygge and why is it so desireable right now? It's all good, it may not all be good for you. Join the conversation live at 8pm Sunday nights with Jennifer Ryan to make your lifestyle dreams come true. Organize, strategize and get... more

What are you waiting for? What is holding you back? Join Jennifer and get motivated to control your life and face that fear that stands in front of you? What are your expectations and why are they out of balance? Single and... more

Conflict resolution begins inside of yourself. Most people in conflict choose a position. Choose to dig in and fight. Why? What might be a better way? Motivate yourself to pick up a mirror, look at yourself first before taking a position on... more

How does freedom, peace and serenity sound to you? Are these states of being your dream? your reality? How do you get there? Tonights show will explore your current state of being and how you might possibly change your perspective... more

This podcast is all about removing the obstacles you didn't even realize were there. What is buried so deep that holds you back. Sometimes we don't realize what lurks until it surfaces. Discover the joy and freedom of making things right... more

Get off the couch and discover the world as you create the life you want to live. Its easy - GET UNCOMFORTABLE! Learn something new, travel to a new place and talk to people - give it a go. So often we are stuck in our own troublesome... more

Life show that will turn podcast discussing, this episode, discussing your life, the continual messages and why you may just need to LISTEN. Change your world, build your life to be all you dreamed of. Strategize your options to reach your... more

Purge the negativity in your life. Do you even know how negative you are? What do you say, joke about and do that is negative? Some of us don't even know that this is the behavior practiced. This episode will give some examples... more

How do you appear, how do you look to the world? Do you ever ask youself why am I not landing that job? Why am I not attracting people to date? Why am I constantly experiencing results I don't want when it comes to relationships, work... more

Girl in Town visits Greenwich Village - food, fashion and fun. How's your behavior? What is stress doing to you, and who's in control? You sor somebody else. When we have no plan, then somebody will will use you for their plan.... more