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After over 3 years with BlogTalkRadio we have decided to move our show to YouTube Live. Why? Because quite frankly BlogTalk's support and technical consistency are absolutely pathetic. Do yourself a favor and never subscribe to their service. There are so many out there that are far superior.

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It's the debut episode of The Dating Jungle and we are here to provide you singles out there with a survival guide to help you find your way out there. Join certified dating coach Tara Richter, Ben Charles & Sabatino tonight at 9PM. This... more

Exactly how does one mistake his wife for a wild pig in the woods? Breast liquor ever? There's a new drink out that is poured over prized mammaries before bottling. How old does your kid have to be to pump your gas? Join Ben Charles... more

The "lengths" that some college football coaches go through to motivate their players. Who knew Woody Hayes used snapping turtles as props? Bolts fan icon Terry Tozian AKA Goalie Yeller will join us tonight for an interview as well as... more

Thankfully there are hitchhikers with hatchets to save us in the event a man who thinks he's Jesus wants to bear hug you. What's with all the criminal families out there? Butt dialing takes on a whole new meaning in Sri Lanka. Join Ben... more

Join Ben Charles, Jesus Julio & Mark the Shark as they breakdown another week in the world of sports with a comedic twist. Every Wednesday at 9PM.

What is going on with old people these days? Have all the erectile dysfunction drugs gone to their head? Maybe it's the influence of Sammy Hagar. That and much more on tonight's episode of The Cranial Emissions Show!

So what's all the fuss about this Deer Antler stuff? Aging radio hosts would like to know! Randy Moss did not say he's the Greatest of All-Time, did he? Ummm...he did? The Tampa Bay Lightning offense continues to electrify behind 13 different... more

Tonight our newest member of the network J.P. joins the program! Just in time to discuss some sexciting new apps on the market. What lengths would you go to for unrequited love? Charlie Brown might have some suggestions. All that and... more

Hockey season is now in full swing, and AHL rookie of the year Cory Conacher is making his mark with the Bolts. We'll peel back yet even more layers to the Te'o hoax, and, of course, share our Super Bowl predictions. Jamarcus Russell... more

Just how far along has social acceptance of hardcore sex become? Has the profession become more respected? Gov. Rick Scott has a new group of supporters who worship Satan. If you're looking for a sex fantasy with Pat... more