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Your Freedom Calls You Freedom from slavery mentality, emotional prisons, and enviromental stresses. Empowerment through inspiring broadcasts:

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In my conversations so far, I hear a lot of what guys think the ladies are doing or not doing. I also hear so much of what the ladies say about men. There seems to be so much misunderstanding and mis-information. There is a need for both... more

The Subject of Scarcity Of Quality Men Myth is so so crucial at this point in time. One of the Laws Of The Mind Is that You Will Find What You Are Looking For. Are Quality men realy scarce or is it true that because women believe that... more

One of the commonest challenges that ladies face in relationships, both within and ouside the Church is on the subject of getting men to commit. Do join us on this special episode as we take a look at "What Gets men Ready To... more

Last week, we hammered on understanding what honesty really meant. We then highlighted the perception of what ladies interpreted as honest men and gave an "alert" to our Christian guys as we allowed honesty to guide our... more

This question seems to reveberate throughout the entire world of singledom! Where have all the good men gone? This has an answer and we will look at hard and simple answers. On the whole, we will look at the TRUTH. Where are the... more

Simon Jordan, Founder & Host of One Planet, One Place is an International Keynote Speaker and Branding Marketing Consultant and Amazon Best Selling Author who is running with a power vision to empower business owners to... more

Here we go again! Ken Barnes a prolific Keynote Speaker, Mentor, Enterpreneur, Trainer and Author of several books including the iFACTOR, Several Principles of Respectism amongst others. He is also a recipient of several awards. Remember... more

It is the time for the guys now...Courtney Richards started, now my dear husband Robert Ntefon grabs the baton. How do men bounce back from a broken relationship, dashed hopes and lost dreams? This is for the ladies to get the... more

Placida Acheru is an Online Visibility Strategist and a Transformational BusinessCoach and is indeed making waves in the business world, but do you know her "behind the scene story? Well, here is the show that you will get... more

Andrea is an evolved woman with a passion to empower women to become authentic and strong! She has gone through her journey of heart-aches and excruciating loss. After a painful divorce after her 22 year marriage with 4 sons,... more