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  • Author Cheryl "Cherry Bomb" Winley

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    Native New Yorker, Cheryl “Cherry Bomb” Winley was born and raised in one of the most affluent counties in the eastern most part of Long Island. The progeny of scholarly and dignified parents, Cherry’s childhood not only mimicked richness and decadence it encompassed balance and an avid love of the English language. However, being gifted with a passion for English and poetry wasn’t her only reward; Cherry’s parents would reward her every action with monetary treats. By the age of 15, Cherry’s lifestyle would consist of limitless credit cards, fine dining, cars, and shopping and more shopping. The excessive gratification from her parents would in turn increase Cherry’s desires and by the age of 16 she would meet her first real boyfriend, a drug dealer, who would change the suburban girl into a lady and a hustler’s wife. Fast money, fast living, diamonds, designer brands and fancy cars; Cherry’s years as a young adult would be a ‘glamorous life’. Cherry decided to pen her strategy, thus, her authorial debut I Am Not a Hoe – a handbook that details Cherry’s best possession; her game, her time, and her attention and as Iceberg Slim would say “the game is to be sold not told”.

  • Author2Author with Randy Spelling

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    Bill welcomes author, life coach, and inspirational teacher Randy Spelling to the show. Join Bill and Randy as they discuss his book, Unlimiting You, which looks at those thoughts and feelings and beliefs that either support what we want to create, or inhibit. A great conversation for any writing looking to get out of his or her own way and write the book they most want to write, and live the life they most want to live. Don't miss it!

  • Edit Your Way to Publication - Guest Cindy Davis, The Fiction Doctor

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    Words have always been a passion for Cindy Davis who has been a freelance editor since 1998. Cindy says, "I have loved every minute of guiding my authors toward publication," and now she will share tips and techniques with authors at all stages of their careers. Cindy's credentials include:
    Written eighteen novels: thirteen mysteries, one women's fiction, one romantic suspense, and a young adult fantasy trilogy Two regional self-published books (both have sold more than 4000 copies locally) One humorous non-fiction One self-help for writers Fifteen years editing for eight publishing houses 170+ articles and stories in national publications Two years penning a humorous newspaper column Instructor for WritersCollege.com Over 550 edited novels to date. Most all have gone on to publication

  • Jim Keck: The Big House, Story of a Southern Family (Author)

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    Author Jim Keck joins Rated G Radio to talk abou this book "The Big House: Story of a Southern Family." Live 10pE/7pW.  Call 323 657-1493 to ask a question! Coming of age in California, James Keck (“J. Keck”) grew up with a Southern heritage inside the home, and a West Coast identity outside of what the family called “the Big House.”  The home was a gathering place for extended family and friends, many of whom were expatriate Southerners as well.
    Between the warmth and storytelling of the home, J. Keck has been inspired by the culture and tales of many fine and memorable characters.  Numerous trips and stays to visit relatives and family holdings, along with a nearly three-year stay in Texas, further deepened his appreciation and understanding of the culture.
    Attending both Texas and West Coast colleges and universities, J. Keck received a degree in journalism, and an advanced degree in psychology, minors in business, anthropology and geography.
    Once having entered business, writing became a personal pastime until the publication of one of his short stories in a cultural magazine.  Additional publications of his writings followed:  the short story, “The Dark Forest,” his novella, “Homeless:  The Dollmaker’s Web,” and his recent novel, “The Big House:  Story of a Southern Family.”  Currently, J. Keck is working on a sequel to the novel entitled, “The Big House:  End of An Era.”

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    Episode 62: Interview with Author and Writing Expert Alan Watt

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    Al's been on the show before, and each time, I'm blown away by this man's intellect. He just gets us—writers—and he shares his experience and knowledge with the world. If you haven't bought his books and/or signed up for his classes yet, what are you waiting for? His passion and know-how will make writing your book(s) easier and faster while still honing your craft to a fine edge. Not to mention, now he's got a "Professional Program" for those ready to take their writing career to the next level and make a living. 

  • The Written Word (Radio Z) - Ep. 19 St. Patrick's Day & The Art of Beer in Books

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    Host Alicia is joined by TZPP CEO Travis Grundy along with authors Brian Bear & Chris Williams to discuss beer and St. Patrick's Day.

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  • Erotica Author Eva

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    Join Kisha as she chats with Eva, who in a short time has become an erotica author but before that she was and still is a  foot goddess. Chat with her about how she became one and hear some of her sexy stories. 

  • Lets talk about Writing with Fran Lewis

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    Welcome three outstanding authors to the panel of Let's Talk About Writing: Steve Shukis the author of Poisoned. Dennis Carstens the author of Media Justice and Charles Salzburg the author of The Devil in the Hole. The focus of this show is to discuss how these authors decided on the subjects for their novels. Added in we will discuss the research needed to write true crime and ficitonal crime novels. The legal aspects of writing a novel based on real life events and whether names and places stay the same or need to be changed. Join me with these great authors. Fran Lewis: Host: Editor of MJ Magazine
    If his schedule permits Larry Thompson might join the panel of authors.

  • A Panel of Two Authors Shining the Spotlight on Hubert Harrison

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    The Virgin Islands Literary Festival and Book Fair will feature several events highlighting the historic Crucian writer and   activist, Hubert Harrison, the weekend of March 26-29. Saturday evening, March 28th, there will be a performance of David Edgecombe’s play “Hubert Harrison".
    Today we meet two gentlemen who diligently worked to bring the biography of a forgotten Virgin Islander to the forefront. One, an author, the other, a playwright, but they both wrote about Crucian-born Hubert Harrison,
    David Edgecombe, writer, director, instructor, and playwright has worked at the University of the Virgin Islands from 1990 to present. In 1992, he became director of the Reichhold Center for the Arts. He's "internationally known for several plays, including "Strong Currents" and "Coming Home to Roost". Upon returning to the Islands, David joined the faculty at the University of the Virgin Islands and became their artist-in-residence, premièring his play, "Heaven".
    Jeffrey Perry, formally educated at Princeton, Harvard, Rutgers, and Columbia, preserved and inventoried the "Hubert H. Harrison Papers" and helped to place them at the Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Columbia University and to develop the "Hubert H. Harrison Papers, 1893-1927: Finding Aid." He is the editor of A Hubert Harrison Reader (Wesleyan University Press, 2001) and the forthcoming "Writings of Hubert Harrison."
    Jeffrey will deliver a keynote address and a presentation discussing his work uncovering Harrison’s writings and documenting his story and work in Perry’s book, “Hubert Harrison: The Voice of Harlem Radicalism, 1883-1918” (Columbia University Press).
    Follow David and Jeffrey on Facebook.

  • Glenda Fields, Preacher, Teacher, Author and More

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    ASWIFTT Publishing's Literary Segment at 1:00 pm PST, 2:00 pm MST, 3:00 pm CST, 4:00 pm EST, or 5:00 pm AST
    ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Co-Founder Glenda Fields latest book Get Over It! Heal! Move On!: Facing The Enemy Within is her personal memoirs. The book is a blend of her personal approach with a vision of God's covering, grace, power, purpose, and destiny unfolded throughout the pages depicting her life’s journey.
    These memoirs unveil the truth about our internal enemy, our worst nightmare, our biggest critic; our self by exposing how Satan uses people, things, places, in our lives to distort the true meaning of why we are here on planet earth. It reveals his unknown and unseen strategies, woven in various stages of our life.
    Glenda is also the author of Look Out The Enemy Is Coming, The Enemy Among Us, Conversations With God, Diary of a Man Heart of a Woman, and I Am on the Verge.
    Glenda was recently honored at the ASWIFTT Literary Visual & Performing Arts Awards with the Literary AWARD, Community Outreach Award, Education Award, Global Outreach Award, Civil Activist Award & the National Outreach Award
    To obtain more information about Glenda and her books visit her website at:  www.GodsAnointedMinistries.com
    Along with her priest, Rufus, the dynamic dual renders a powerful blow to the works of the enemy, threatens his plans, and schemes, as he fires his fiery darts at the Body of Christ.
    “Perfection is not my identity, but it is my Destiny!” GWF© (personal quote of Glenda Fields)

  • The Written Word (Radio Z) - Ep. 20 Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

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    Host Alicia is joined by authors Marian York & Jon Del Arroz to talk everything post-apocalyptic. 

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