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Six Degrees presents Interdisciplinary Cosmologist Paul Von Ward

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Anthony Brice

Anthony Brice


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WHAT IS INTERDISCIPLINARY COSMOLOGY? It offers a "bigger picture" than science's conventional view of reality. In addition to empirical research, it includes intuitive and other sources of knowledge, but subjects them to verification by the scientific method. Paul believes a cosmology based only on a single discipline (whether physics, astronomy, biology, mathematics, evolutionary theory, or metaphysics) omits many areas of the human experience of the universe, including the mind of the cosmologist. Given the quality of 21st-century consciousness research, an interdisciplinary cosmology would suggest a dimension of consciousness (conterminous, coterminous, and coincident with matter and energy) animates all life forms in a universe of multiple dimensions. DO WE KNOW WHO HUMANS ARE, REALLY? With over six billions of us on Earth, you'd think we should know. But, the fact is that we don't know where we came from, what we're doing here, or how we fit into the "big picture." Some think humans are accidents in a chance-driven universe. Others think the universe is a natural result of activities in another universe or cosmos, but have no idea of how that one got started. Others believe we and our universe are the results of causative force, but attributions of "purposefulness" to this "causative force" reflect an almost infinite diversity of worldviews. Different groups assert "The Truth" about reality and defend it, often even with force and to their death. Long-standing personal and inter-group conflicts result from these belief systems that are only based on tenuous scientific or religious assumptions. The chaos in the present global society exists because such belief systems do not evolve on the basis of real-world experience: Scientists avoid dealing with anomalies. Believers fear challenging doctrines. Educators indoctrinate not illuminate and Institutions defend beliefs with arrogance and force.