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Whos to Blame

Who's to Blame?


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Discussion about politics and pop culture. I will tell you Who's to Blame.

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On June 12, 2016 an armed gunman shot 49 people at a night club. I just gave a basic statement about the Orlando shooting that should only offend people who are offended by mass shootings. However, almost a week after hearing details... more

ISSUE 1: A woman killed herself in jail, and nobody believes it. Who's to Blame? In the wake of Sandra Bland's untimely death, people do not believe she hung herself in jail. Why is that? Is it because the family doesn't believe it? Is it... more

Issue: CPS under regulates and over regulates parents. Who's to Blame? On one hand you have the Duggar family, who allowed abuse amongst their daughters, and in the public eye, has only fought to protect their son. CPS hasn't... more

Texas is being terrorized, who's to Blame? Last week Texas experienced an attack on a Draw Muhammed contest. Who's to Blame? Was it the contestants fault? Or can we Blame religion? Was it the host of the event and their failure to... more

I am excited to be back this weekend with a newly formatted Who's to Blame. It will be thirty minutes, so I can fit more Blaming in. But seriously, I will be able to cover more topics. I am registering as a Democrat, who's to Blame? I will tell... more

Issue: I'm over Kanye West. Who's to Blame? With all the appearances of Yeezy in the news, I am sick of hearing his name. He's rude, a bit crazy, and is THE biggest Kim Kardasian fan. Whack! Is Kanye to blame? Does he just seek too... more

Issue: CPAC is like one big conservative satire. I am pretty sure it is not real. Who's to Blame? Man CPAC always brings the laughs. Conservatives candidates seem to be willing to make fools out of themselves there. This year an idiot... more

Issue: Black folks are not happy with our people's representation in entertainment. Who's to Blame? You know what? I realized Black folks are still pretty unhappy with their representation in entertainment. A few weeks ago when the Oscar... more

Issue: Valentine's Day blows. Who's to Blame? Another manufactured holiday is upon us. Its time for our significant others to demonstrate their love to us. It is also time to be reminded of it over and over; esecially by people who have... more

Issue: People don't want to immunize their children. Who's to Blame? Well the measles is back. One kid with measles travels to Disneyland and you have some disasterous diseased results. Should we Blame Andrew Wakefield the former... more