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Discussion about politics and pop culture. I will tell you Who's to Blame.

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Issue: Church > State. Who's to Blame? In Houston there is a heated debate over restrooms. In our progressive world some cities like to accommodate the minority. HERO is an ordinance that accommodates transgender individuals bathroom choices that passed a few months ago in Houston. Recently, churches are being accused of encouraging the congregation to go out and get signatures to repeal the ordinance. The City through pro bono attorneys have subpoenaed the suspect churches' sermons; after uproar had to change the language from sermons to speeches. Now the repeal is tied up in litigation until the new year. Churches usually go unchecked when they preach politics in the pulpit. Why? Are people afraid to challenge churches? Churches so protected when it comes to free speech. Does that make it difficult to catch them? Is it because we are really a Christian nation?
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