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Who's to Blame?


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Discussion about politics and pop culture. I will tell you Who's to Blame.

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Want to know who's to blame on issues that range from political, to pop culture, to fashion, to local issues? Then come listen to me.
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Issue: The City of West Palm Beach is on the hook for three (3) million misallocated federal tax dollars. Who's to Blame? In WPB it's payback time. The City owes $3 million dollars back to the federal government in HUD funding.... more

Issue: Corporations, job creators and even some workers do not respect our labor. Who's to Blame? Though both corporate productivity and corporate profits climb, workers' wages remain stagnant. CEO's continue to see big payouts,... more

Issue: ISIS is out of control! Who's to Blame? The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is out of control and it seems like they are gaining more power in communities Southwest Asia. They are recruiting Americans, Egyptians,... more

Issue: Black America has a police prejudice. Who's to Blame? When black people see the police, they usually have negative feelings. Some black people want to run and some are compelled to do something that alerts the authorities to... more

Issue: People are RECOVERING from the Ebola virus in the United States?? Who's to Blame? Were you a little afraid when you heard that America had contracted two Ebola patients? Did you picture Outbreak or the Walking Dead?... more

Issue: Israel and Palestine are fighting again. Who's to Blame? A standing ceasfire between Israel and Gaza is over. Things have been relatively calm since 2012. Whose fault is it this time? Israel? Palestine? Obama? You tell me.... more

Issue: Malaysian Flight MH17 crashed on July 17, Who's to Blame? Just when you think it's a slow news day, a plane gets blown out the air and the Blame game ensues. Was it Russia, was it Ukraine, was it Ukrainian separatist?... more

America has lost its humanitarian commitment. Who's to Blame? When I was little, I used to think of America as that country that helped others. As I hear about problems such as the Detroit water crisis, the current immigration crisis and the... more

Why do I have to go to work? Am I bad or lazy because I don't want to go to a job everyday? Even if I suck it up and go to a job everyday? In American society, working is good and not working is bad. Who's to Blame? Do we just work for... more

Silly me, I forgot to do my show prep. Who's to Blame? But seriously, tell me or ask me. It's a chance for me to try out a new show format. Send me your questions or call at 6:30 pm eastern. I will be rambling about soccer, Hillary... more