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Congress Still Way Out of Touch

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US Congress

US Congress


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H.R. 3606  H. Res 572 Increase public capital access to businesses.

Business will not need to issue IPO to SEC until has 1,000 investors - not the current 500 investors....Republicans think THIS is a "jobs bill" or "Jobs Act." The republicans are so out of touch. This will do nothing for the unemployed at home within the next three or five years. "Crowd Funding" allows "small" businesses to sell equity in their business over the internet up to millions of dollars - so business can grow and get money. Sounds like future scams for future investors...caution. This republican "Jobs Bill" is a re-packaging of old bills already passed...not new legislation.

Allows non-rich, even poor, to invest and bet on start-up companies and community banks too...to free up capital available to these companies...and "create jobs" and value in the economy. Huge risk of losing all of investment, like Solandra and fraud with no safety net....gambling.

So, NO JOBS BILL yet from Congress. No jobs on horizon. Just talk.  We'll wait.

Pass the president's transportation bill and many thousands of jobs will be created in months !!! Now that is a real JOBS BILL that the Republicans will not pass because thet do not want to support or see him succede..they will let the citizens and the country fail. 

No actions to decrease budget debt.

Republicans agree with president to decrease companies from moving overseas or outsourcing jobs by changing tax code..but still just talk - no legislation presented.

This congress is dysfunctional and pitiful. They do nothing. No ideas to help AmeriCANS.  Voting on old bills already passed. Register to vote. Vote the Republican house members out in November !!!