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You are a beautiful powerful creator in this life we are living. Even the experiences we wish were better, happier more fulfilling are ones that will be hidden within our experiences and not always easy to spot right off - Seek the Blessings behind all things going on in and around you. Remember being a co creator in this lifetime you have the ability to make things as happy or as sad as you wish. I ask you to consider this: MAKE TODAY AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE! I see your light, I see your beauty and I honor YOU. Namaste' Let me help you find your own healing personal power, put practical steps in place to get you slowly moving in a steady progression forward and thus reach your ultimate goal of personal freedom and higher way of Being. We know ourselves inside and out better than anyone else. When you feel out of balance or alignment and your doctor tells you that your fine.. how does that leave you feeling? You need to build a very close and intimate relationship with your body and all the awesome signals it sends you every day all day long. Most of us know it’s a good idea to eat well, exercise and get a good nights sleep. We also know that taking vitamins and supplements is necessary if we aren’t getting certain nutrients out of our diet. If you are someone who is sick and tired of being sick and tired then consider taking a closer look at your diet, your thoughts, the people in your life and the experiences you are manifesting because of them. Change is inevitable, open yourself up to allowing all things to SHOW UP in your life and not judge what shows up or how it looks when it does. Just learn, and grow from all you are creating. Love who you are and the world will do the same.

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As some of you have seen I have posted updates on a close friend - Derek who was in a motorcycle accident on 11.24.12 and has been in the hospital healing since. He has made some MIRACULOUS positive changes since then. Prayer I... more

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My Special Guest today is Deborah McCreath Akbar. After an NDE (Near Death Experience) in 1990 THAT LEFT HER ALIVE BUT IN a wheelchair, she came back to kick life in the butt as a mom, wife, voice over artist, certified laughter... more

Nicole Bandes is the best selling author of Positivity on Purpose: Intentionally Create More Abundance, Wealth and Happiness. She has been featured in newspapers, on radio and television. Nicole is the creator of the Whole Mind... more

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"Woman Magazine" said she was the "Woman in the News". The New York Times called her work "Chutzpah Therapy". She won first prize of $1,000 in a professional Michael Jackson look-a-like contest, and of course, she looks... more

CrazyGood- www.crazygood.com/refer/healingyoutoday - a socially minded social network where you don't just connect and make friends on a safe site but you earn money for sharing it! This is the first I've heard of its kind that will actually... more

An hour of music ~ I had planned on taping a show but had technical difficulties. Instead of deleting it thought I'd leave it on for archived music listening. =) Enjoy

Listening to healing music, chatting with friends and having a peaceful day. Hope you enjoy and can come, sit and breath in a safe place with friends.. Namaste'