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United We Stand As A United Front


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Real discussions that ALL should hear one day (very) soon. This show will NOT be "politically correct" but at the same time, non-offensive to each and every race (THAT'S for certain). I see us all as PEOPLE first! This blogcast is attempting to understand how absurd racial bias is between all races/classes but at the same time we will not dismiss your points of view. I'd like to include each and all because solutions come when we ALL come together. I want to hear from each person out there too. This is my revised "brilliant idea" (snark implied) which stems from a previous blogcast of mine called "theworldinblack and white" (or a world without gray). Oddly, that previous co-host and I just couldn't get past RACE (of all things)! Go figure! Please be advised that we (I and guests from time to time) will be discussing the agenda of the New World Order (NWO) which includes lots of history because whether you're white, black, brown etc., the NWO is closing in on each and all. Yes, that may be an unpopular subject but it's UP TO US to STOP THEM and I personally feel WE ABSOLUTELY CAN. This show is called; "United We Stand As A United Front" for a reason-- we can ALL stop our corrupt governments when we are "a united front". No racial slurs PLEASE-- because that won't solve a damn thing. Love, peace and soul (TRAIN)! From your host, "Jazz".

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Round 3 begins again tonight between Jazz vs. Leo Apotheker of Hewlard Packard! Tonight, Leo gets a call at home! See you later, fellow people. Please Note: Show # 26 did not record more than 1min 40 seconds, so show #27 is... more

Hello, fellow people! I don't know what the heck happened therefore last nights' attempt, will remain in the archive. Somehow, I was "allowed" a two-minute (?) show and I couldn't get the software to reschedule. So see you tonight! I've got a... more

NOTE: THIS SHOW IS ONLY 1 MIN AND 40 SECONDS-- FOR SOME REASON I COULDN'T RECORD THE SHOW LONGER. LISTEN TO #27 INSTEAD. Thanks. Apparently, HP thinks I'm joking! Hello, fellow people! Get set for Part 2... more

Tonight is all about Hewlard Packard!!! I've complained about it before and now it's time to put that company and its' current CEO/Pres, Léo Apotheker on BLAST! Now... it's unfortunate that he's the one I have "to go after" as he was... more

"Folk" (from the website "Black Folks Don't Swim") and I are back for another installment of "What is Black Culture/Tradition?". We'll see you tonight!

Tonight I want to pop in and share my recent experience with TSA. I had to take a trip unexpectantely and boy was I not only more disappointed with this process for flying, but I was amazed by the publics submissiveness to this process.... more

Hello, fellow people! "Folk" and I are back for another discussion on "What is Black Culture/Tradition?! "Folk" has a lot on his mind for this 1st Friday of the month so I'll let him be tonight's host. See you tonight!

Hello, fellow people! Just popping in "for a minute" tonight. I have a question I want to pose to you all that has everything to do with the earthquake in Japan. See you tonight.

Tonight is the official First Friday for Folk at the website; "Black Folks Don't Swim" and I to continue our series; "What Is Black Culture". He caught a cold and still wants to do the show, but I want him to feel better. If he's not up to it, the show... more

I'm going to try this again... see you in a bit. Jazz :)
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