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Unification Of The People

Unification Of The People

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Monday, July 23 Phil Whitehouse will be our guest. Phil Whitehouse is the Superintendent of the Park and Recreation Department for the city of St. Petersburg, FL Phil will talk about Maximo Park and the renovations that are forthcoming. "The entire 40 acre park will be designated an archaeological site. In 1992 two acres of the park were designated as historic sites and listed on the National Register of Historic Places. According to a recent report the entire park is important for its archaeology and ethnic heritage. Some artifacts found there have been dated back more than 5000 years and others indicate American Indians lived there from that time until 1800. The park could provide clues about American Indian interactions with Europeans."

Times: 5:30 ET.; 4:30 CT.; 3:30 MT.; 2:30 PT

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